Eternal Love – Wedding Rings Through History

Eternal Love – Wedding Rings Through History Wedding rings or a wedding band is actually just a finger band that symbolizes that its wearer is already married. It’s usually made of metal, and in most cases is hammered out of gold or some other precious metal. Wedding bands are worn on the fourth finger (also known as ring finger) of either hand. The meaning of this finger is very close to that of your thumb. You wear a wedding ring to indicate that you are already engaged, but it also serves the purpose of an engagement ring as well. Choosing the perfect wedding rings for your partner is actually not that hard at all. Of course, you have to consider her personality and preference. There are many designs available in the market today. But what if you don’t like the one that she already has? Well, it’s time that you do some shopping, so that you can buy the perfect wedding rings that will fit her finger. First things first, you need to consider the personality of your girl. Are she someone who is very traditional, or maybe more liberal with regards to fashion? The jewelry that you will be buying for her should have some meaning for her. So if she loves jewelry, then buying something that has a symbolic meaning in it would be a great choice. You may consider getting engagement rings and wedding bands that are made from platinum, titanium, gold, diamonds, or any other precious stone that she has given you a list of selections. The next thing that you need to do is to know her finger size. This would be very helpful for you to make sure that you will be able to choose the wedding rings that will fit properly on her finger. Most engagement bands are sold in standard size, which means that if you are buying a huge ring, then she will probably feel discomfort when wearing it. You can also try to ask her friends or family members for help and get their opinions about which wedding ring styles would look best on her fingers. There are many different styles available for engagement rings, and there are even more styles available for wedding rings. However, you should know that traditional wedding bands are usually worn by women and are usually made of gold, silver, platinum, or any other precious metal. However, there are also many styles of wedding bands that are made from gemstones. When shopping for gemstone wedding rings, it is important to know which gemstones she likes, and what kind of impact that gemstone will have on her finger. In ancient Rome, there were many symbols used in the rings of women. For example, one type of ring style that was common throughout ancient Rome was the so called perpetual love ring. This ring was usually made of ruby or emeralds. If you want to surprise your wife by giving her an eternal love ring, then shopping … Continue ReadingEternal Love – Wedding Rings Through History

Finding the Perfect Ring For Your Love

Ring, flat band of metal, silver, or any other decorative or precious material that is usually worn on only the index finger. The ring is usually worn not just on the ring finger but also on the little finger, ears, and even through the nostril. Aside from serving as adornment for the human body, rings also had functioned as symbol of fidelity, authority, or social position. Given these rings are now considered as fashion accessories, it is not surprising to know that there is a huge market for rings today. And if you are one of those who are looking for rings, I will share with you some of the things that you should look for in your search for rings. If you are looking for rings, then you must know that there are actually a lot of different types that exist in the market today. However, to simplify things for you, let us define rings as those objects that have solid surfaces and have been concreted. Other than being solid, rings can also be made out of other materials such as semi-precious stones, gemstones, metals, plastics, and even wood. Through this definition, you will now be able to determine some of the more popular types of rings that you can choose from. When shopping for rings, you need to look at the material and composition first. By knowing the composition or materials of the ring, you can determine its durability and life span. Common materials used in rings are gold, platinum, silver, titanium, and glass. These are usually combined with one another to produce the different types and styles that exist today. One type of ring is usually made of three to four metals and sometimes includes gemstones which are usually very expensive. On the other hand, when shopping for rings, you need to look at the design of the ring. There are a lot of styles and designs that are available in the market today. Some of these include channel, half-rounded, bezel, flush, bezel/tourmaline, heart, marquise, and pave. There are actually a lot more designs that are available in the market today so when choosing the perfect one for you, make sure to look at the most common ones among them first. When looking for rings, it is also very important to consider the style. Some of the most popular styles are cathedral, princess, eternity, and wedding rings. Basically, there are different kinds of rings depending on their styles. So when choosing the perfect one for you, ensure that the style of the ring fits your personality as well. The perfect ring for you will definitely fit your lifestyle. Lastly, when shopping for rings, you need to consider the cost. The price range of rings can vary greatly. Some rings are usually more expensive than others. Usually, expensive rings are made of better quality materials. If you are on a tight budget, then you can easily find cheap rings without sacrificing the quality.

What to Expect When You’re a U.S. Citizen and Plan a Russian Space Wedding

What to Expect When You’re a U.S. Citizen and Plan a Russian Space Wedding The Space Wedding is an absolutely beautiful and unique marriage ceremony that occurs in space. It’s set in space and was the first ever seen in the series “graybles 1000+.” The wedding involved a ship with a giant diamond on its bow, space shuttles and thousands of other alien vessels as security. The beauty of this wedding is that it was totally unique and completely spectacular. One can say that the Space Wedding is more of a futuristic wedding than it is for earth weddings. For example, since the wedding takes place at the edge of space, the bride and groom have to be of the same species. A pure white blooded human being is not allowed to marry in outer space. Therefore, this marriage would only take place between a human. There are many unique elements that make the Space Wedding unique. First of all, the bride and groom (along with their wedding party) travel to the edge of hundred kilometers of outer space in a massive rocket plane. They are there in zero gravity and under the effects of zero gravity and no Earthling or any human being on the ground is around. There is no chance of bumping into anybody or anything. Secondly, the marriage is under the close scrutiny of the U.S. Mission Control, which oversees all space missions. A live television feed is provided to the guest list and all visual images of the ceremony and reception are shown. There are two views given by the Mission Control, one showing the bride and groom kissing and another showing all of the action from the astronauts. This creates a truly romantic and exotic atmosphere at the space wedding. Thirdly, there is no wedding planner, photographer, videographer, nor makeup artist among the 200 or so scientists, engineers and cosmonauts who will be participating in the wedding. Everything that happens on the flight is under the strict orders of the Russian Federal Government. The only people allowed on board are the members of the cosmonaut team and the Soyuz capsule crew as well as the NASA astronauts who will be participating in the mission. As such, there is nothing to disrupt the ceremony as it occurs just outside of earth’s atmosphere. Fourthly, a bride can choose to wear a white Russian cosmonaut wedding dress made of laminates and fabric from her choosing, as well as a white gown. Other options include a simple strapless gown and a flower girl dress made of silk with a bodice that is covered by a white peasant blouse. The flower girl can also choose a gown that has a skirt and comes with a bow on the skirt. The bride can wear a white wedding dress that she has specially designed by a U.S. Citizen who has studied design for at least two years prior to the wedding ceremony. The wedding dress is then hand-sewn by a seamstress … Continue ReadingWhat to Expect When You’re a U.S. Citizen and Plan a Russian Space Wedding

Traditionally Perfected Wedding Rings

A wedding ring or wedding set is a ring, usually on a finger, that officially shows its owner is married. It’s usually forged out of metal, and in more traditionalist times is forged of gold, silver or any other precious metal. The ring can be used to hold wedding rings, engagement rings or even divorce rings. The ring sets are usually sold together as a set, which means that you buy all of the components of your wedding set at the same time. Sometimes the wedding ring sets are sold separately. They can also be found as individual pieces of jewelry. There are many types of wedding rings or sets that have been popular throughout history. For the women, there was the thistle which was given to unmarried mothers before their children were born. This ring was inscribed with a word of wisdom or warnings to keep the mother safe while they were traveling. The thistle would usually contain three stems interspersed through the words. When it was finished, the thistle would represent a connection to the mother and her children, which would cross over after the child were born. In modern times, the thistle is still symbolic and honored. For the men, there were multi-purpose rings. These bands could be worn as an arm band, a wedding band or an engagement band. The multi-purpose rings often contained a gem stone, a birthstone or some other type of gem that was significant to both the man and the woman. Many of these rings, known as being multi-purpose in nature, are simply rings that incorporate several items together. This can be seen in rings worn by contemporary couples or those from the Victorian era. Wedding ring etiquette requires that a bride take the lead when it comes to selecting which rings to wear. This is not because she is the more important or the wiser person. It’s just that once the decision is made, it needs to be the bride’s choice alone to wear the band on her finger. It doesn’t need to be a formal “wedding ring etiquette” decision. The decision should be made between the bride and groom, with their close family and friends acting as mediators. There are some traditional norms for wedding rings that every couple should follow. When purchasing a bridal set, the bride and groom should choose matching rings. If they are of different metals, then it’s advisable to have them professionally designed and customized to their specific wedding colors. Rings that complement and perfectly fit into their finger should be purchased. Custom designed rings should not be considered, even though they may look spectacular. A bride and groom must consider their budget and choose rings based on their level of individual style and personal expression. It’s traditionally unacceptable for a woman to wear a man-made ring on her wedding finger. This is due to a superstition believed to have started during the middle ages when it was believed that evil spirits would kidnap the … Continue ReadingTraditionally Perfected Wedding Rings


Rings Rings are made of many different materials. Among the most popular types are gold, silver, platinum, titanium, diamonds, and plastic. However, the type of material will vary according to taste, price, or necessity. A ring is usually a flat band, normally made of precious metal, worn to indicate the wearer’s marital status. The word “ring” on its own always refers to jewelry worn on the wearer’s finger; when worn otherwise, the specific body part is defined within the term, such as earrings, rings, finger rings, wrist rings, belly rings, etc. There are many occasions on which rings are appropriate to wear. On engagements, rings are often exchanged between friends and family. In a later life, it is common for couples to be married and to have rings for eternity. For religious and ethnic reasons, rings are worn during certain events, such as church weddings, in Muslim marriages, at funerals and during certain academic or professional conferences. In modern society, rings are often worn in combination with other accessories, such as watches, bracelets, or hair accessories. Wearing rings on the fourth finger of the left hand has several historical roots. Rings on this finger are said to have begun with the ancient Egyptians who believed that the vein passing from the left hand to the heart was thicker than the vein traveling from right to left. Thus, they thought that the vein surrounding the heart had more gold and precious metal than any other vein in the body. Thus, rings were placed on this finger to enhance its importance and thereby its desirability. Rings were also worn by soldiers during World War I because they believed that wearing rings would increase their strength. Rings are also worn on the fourth finger of the right hand in Western cultures, as it is believed to be a vein not easily damaged. Today, rings are often made of different types of precious metal. The most common types of metal used in rings are gold (white, rose, yellow), silver (all colors), platinum (all colors), titanium (all colors), and stainless steel (all colors). Because of technological developments, there are many different styles of rings available to choose from. Some of these styles include flat band, three-stone, four stone, eternity, wedding, sports, and children’s rings. Some styles of rings also include intricate designs, which may include birthstones (or diamonds, rubies, or other precious metal), gemstones, and/or crystals. Some men love to wear rings especially when playing sports. They can enhance the features of the player and make the player appear masculine. It has been observed that the rings worn by professional athletes have become more stylish over the years. Moreover, these rings serve as testimonial pieces as well. Traditionally, rings are worn in the fourth finger of the left hand, which is known as the “power finger”. However, wearing the ring on this finger has been found to cause pain, itchiness, and inflammation of the hand. The thumb, index, middle, and ring fingers are the usual … Continue ReadingRings

Planning a Wedding Around a Space Theme

The Space Wedding is essentially a wedding which occurs in space and has yet to be witnessed in real life. It first appeared in the show “graybles 1000+,” and platformed above a massive, diamond-crafted warship. In the fictional world, the marriage of Peter Kay and Gwyneth Paltrow took place aboard an Enterprise. There have been questions about the validity of this marriage, and whether or not it’s legally defined as a marriage in each state. For the bride-to-be, she might consider the fact that the marriage has been featured on Star Trek: The Original Series. Or that she is married in the very same ship as her idol, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Worf. Some may even choose to consider the wedding in outer space as a way of celebrating their love for someone who is thousands of light years away. A space wedding can take place at an Earth-like planet like Mars or even at the moon. When planning a space wedding, the first thing to do is to contact your wedding organizer to determine the most appropriate ceremony and reception locations. After all, you want to be sure that the location you choose will allow for guests to be transported from wherever they are to where the ceremony will take place. If you opt for an outside wedding, you’ll need to select a location from which the rocket plane will launch from. Although the ceremony may take place on the ground, the guests will be traveling into space, so there may be additional challenges when planning the transportation of your guests. Once you’ve chosen the most appropriate location for your wedding, the next thing to decide on is the actual ceremony and reception. To plan an outer space wedding, you must work out a schedule which will allow for a big enough period of time for the rocket plane to launch, capture your guests, and then return safely to Earth. It’s also important to consider the feasibility of traveling farther from Earth than 100 kilometers away, because the greater distance, the greater the expense. Your wedding ceremony and reception could be held on the moon, Mars, or even Mars. One of the greatest challenges when planning an outer space wedding is to get your video link with the actual ceremony and reception to work properly. The problem with many traditional wedding marches is that the audio or video does not work very well in space, whereas with a Russian Cosmonaut ceremony, the audio and video link works perfectly. If you are able to send audio and video files, it will be much easier for your guests to understand what is taking place. Even if you cannot send video links, if your photographs are excellent and your video looks good, a traditional Russian wedding march will work just fine. It might be a good idea to have a few Russian style wedding banners for your space wedding, to help the mood of the ceremony. A first space wedding could … Continue ReadingPlanning a Wedding Around a Space Theme

Popular Ring Types

Rings are one of the most popular types of body adornment. A ring is simply a flat band, typically of metal, worn as decorative jewelry around the finger. The word “ring” on its own denotes only jewelry worn around the finger; the location where the ring is worn may be specified by the word, e.g., rings on the right hand, finger rings, earrings, wrist rings and various others. There are several styles of ring, each with its own look and purpose. The following descriptions will give you an idea of different types of rings available: Typical style of ring: This is the most classical form of ring – the simple circle with the words “I love You” inscribed in a circular fashion around it. This is usually worn on the right hand. This ring has been used as a symbol of undying love since Roman times and continues to be a popular symbol for couples today. It can have other meanings as well, such as a promise ring, friendship ring or any number of other reasons. Bangle style rings: This style is also called a dangle ring because it dangles under the ring fingers. These rings can have a variety of materials, ranging from simple plastic to silver and gold. These rings are usually worn to accentuate the fingers. They don’t need to be removed during the work day. Engagement rings: These rings are very similar to wedding rings – except that they take the place of a wedding band. When worn as a sign of pre-engagement, these rings symbolize a couple’s readiness to spend the rest of their lives together. Most engagement rings will be made of a solid gold or platinum band with at least one diamond. Some rings will use silver or other metals in the design. A ring made of silver or another metal will usually have an engraving of the couple’s names, dates of birth and other memorable events. The rings can also be personalized with the couple’s names and a message. Vintage rings: These rings can be found in virtually any era and style imaginable. You can find old-style English, Victorian, Art Deco and Old World themes to name a few. In the early days of women wearing jewelry, vintage rings were usually made of silver, gold or platinum. Today the most popular material is still gold. Rings come in all shapes, sizes and materials. They are usually worn by both men and women. Men’s rings tend to be heavier and typically made of steel or gold while women’s rings tend to be thinner and made of more flexible materials. They come in all colors, materials and styles imaginable. If you’re looking for a ring to add to your collection, then you should definitely consider buying vintage rings.

The Significance of Wedding Rings on the Right Hand

Wedding rings or a wedding band is usually a finger ring which signifies that its holder is officially married. In the olden days, it was made of precious metal, and in most cases is still forged of gold or some other precious metal. Today, a lot of people choose to exchange wedding rings during the reception following a marriage ceremony. However, these are very often exchanged as a symbolic gesture of an undying love for each other. It may be because of this that the exchange of wedding rings can take on so many meanings to different people, especially those who hold them in high regard. When you go to purchase your wedding rings, you will have to make sure that you choose a ring which best symbolises your relationship with your partner. It could be a white gold ring, or diamond, or a platinum or titanium matching set. It all depends on how much money you want to spend on the ring, what kind of metal you prefer and what shape you would like your rings to be. In American culture, wedding rings are exchanged on the third finger of the left hand, or on the ring finger, as it is known in America. This has a long history behind it dating back to the 17th century. The meaning behind this particular ring is quite simple. As the name suggests, it is exchanged on the third finger of the left hand which is symbolic of marriage. The ring in this finger also represents the union between husband and wife. The second meaning behind wedding rings is that of commitment. Because of the symbolic meaning behind it, many people wear these bands when they make a promise to their partner to be together for a certain amount of time, or a certain number of years. The promise rings are usually worn by young couples as symbols of their everlasting love and affection. Most people wear the promise rings on their left hands while they are engaged. Many couples also exchange them during prenuptial ceremonies. The third reason as to why people wear wedding rings on the right hand is because it is the traditional right hand to wear a wedding ring after the ceremony has been solemnized. It symbolizes the forever-spared bond between the bride and the groom. Also, since most women wear their wedding rings on their right hand first thing in the morning, it becomes a sort of ritual that many women are accustomed to. After all, wedding rings are a reminder of past, present and future. They also serve as a constant reminder of the vows made by both the bride and the groom during the ceremony. If you want to make sure that your engagement ring fits the perfect match to your wedding rings, then take your time to look at all the different designs. Try out a variety of designs so you will be able to see which ones go with each other. Remember that … Continue ReadingThe Significance of Wedding Rings on the Right Hand

Engagement Rings Through History

Wedding rings or wedding bands are a simple finger ring which symbolizes that its holder is married. It’s typically forged of gold, usually, and is typically forged by a jeweler who specialises in handcrafting jewellery. These days, wedding rings are available for men and women both. However, there are some specific rings for men which are more popular than the rest, as they offer the groom and the bride a better choice of material and design, and they’re also a lot more likely to last a lifetime! Men’s wedding rings come in a wide variety of materials, styles and designs. Some rings can be constructed out of precious gems and are very aesthetically pleasing to look at, while others are plain and functional, with simple but meaningful meaning behind them. A plain gold ring, for instance, can have a variety of different gemstones set into it, giving it an impressive and varied choice of stones. Gold rings are usually the choice of the groom due to their colour and attractiveness, but there are other gemstones and metals which can be used if the groom prefers them. Diamond wedding rings, especially those which are made with white diamonds, are perhaps the most common, elegant and romantic of all the styles. These are available in an enormous array of cuts, settings, colours and sizes, giving the prospective groom the chance to choose a ring which meets his own personal tastes and needs and which also compliments the bride’s. The biggest advantage of a diamond ring is the symbolism behind it: the groom receives a visible symbol of his love and his future together, a promise of everlasting love and a proof of his undying affection for the bride. A diamond ring also symbolises success for the couple, with the diamonds being said to represent the couple’s love and the rings being exchanged in a ceremony which is as significant as any other in the life of the couple. Gemstones come in a variety of styles, including marquise, emerald, oval, pear, princess, radiant and Swarovski. The size, shape and cut of the gemstones used in wedding rings vary according to the taste and preferences of the bride and groom. Many people prefer traditional round or oval cuts to give a more classical look. Emerald bands are very popular due to their regal appearance and their ability to sparkle when the light strikes them. Marquise bands look striking with wedding rings containing diamonds, while pear and radiant bands look especially beautiful with those containing rubies. Wedding rings can also be custom made, so that the bride and groom have complete control over the style, cut and design of their ring. This is another reason why wedding rings throughout history have been given by different kings and queens as symbols of their unbreakable vows of love and devotion. Alternatively, there are also reputable jewellers who will create rings using one of a range of metals, with either a gold, silver or platinum band, for example. … Continue ReadingEngagement Rings Through History

How to Choose a Wedding Space

How to Choose a Wedding Space One of the newest trends in weddings is the wedding that includes two venues – the first space wedding and the first international space station wedding. These unique marriage ceremonies are taking place across the United States, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom. The couples who choose this option usually select a site that is easily accessible from their home or other location, has beautiful scenery, or has a strong presence of environmental relevance. They also like to select a site which is far enough away from a populated area to ensure their guests’ safety. There are several reasons why couples are choosing a wedding on an outer space or an international space station. One reason is so they can have a unique wedding ceremony. Many couples want to select a unique wedding ceremony because it will not only be unique but also unique to them. If they select a site with a strong natural presence, for example, they may not be able to take place at all if the natural disaster hits their particular area. A unique wedding ceremony gives them a chance to use the natural resources of their chosen sites to set their wedding ceremony apart from others in the area. Another reason why these couples are choosing a space wedding is because the bride or groom does not have to worry about commuting to the site of the ceremony. The bride and groom can spend time getting to their destination instead of having to worry about parking in a crowded airport or hotel parking lot, depending on the bride’s or groom’s schedule. If the bride or groom lives farther away, they may have to rely on a taxi or shuttle bus. These unique couples can still take advantage of any services the place offers, such as a wedding planner or a baker. A wedding planner will work closely with the couple to make sure everything goes according to plan. The wedding planner will travel to the space flight site and assist with all of the planning, from selecting the flowers for the ceremony to coordinating the photography. Some couples may even choose to hire a photographer to take the actual photos at the space flight site. That way, if there is a problem with the auto pilot, the wedding planner will be able to continue the photo shoot. This type of service is extremely helpful, particularly for those who cannot travel to the location of the ceremony. Even those who do not wish to travel to the location of the wedding can use this unique service, as it is possible to travel for the wedding ceremony only, then land back in the same city to have the wedding reception. A unique aspect of these unique wedding venues is that they use completely real materials, instead of man-made ones. For example, in the case of a Russian Cosmonaut wedding, the cosmonaut will have a suit designed to fit inside the Soyuz … Continue ReadingHow to Choose a Wedding Space