Traditionally Perfected Wedding Rings

A wedding ring or wedding set is a ring, usually on a finger, that officially shows its owner is married. It’s usually forged out of metal, and in more traditionalist times is forged of gold, silver or any other precious metal. The ring can be used to hold wedding rings, engagement rings or even divorce rings. The ring sets are usually sold together as a set, which means that you buy all of the components of your wedding set at the same time. Sometimes the wedding ring sets are sold separately. They can also be found as individual pieces of jewelry.

There are many types of wedding rings or sets that have been popular throughout history. For the women, there was the thistle which was given to unmarried mothers before their children were born. This ring was inscribed with a word of wisdom or warnings to keep the mother safe while they were traveling. The thistle would usually contain three stems interspersed through the words. When it was finished, the thistle would represent a connection to the mother and her children, which would cross over after the child were born. In modern times, the thistle is still symbolic and honored.

For the men, there were multi-purpose rings. These bands could be worn as an arm band, a wedding band or an engagement band. The multi-purpose rings often contained a gem stone, a birthstone or some other type of gem that was significant to both the man and the woman. Many of these rings, known as being multi-purpose in nature, are simply rings that incorporate several items together. This can be seen in rings worn by contemporary couples or those from the Victorian era.

Wedding ring etiquette requires that a bride take the lead when it comes to selecting which rings to wear. This is not because she is the more important or the wiser person. It’s just that once the decision is made, it needs to be the bride’s choice alone to wear the band on her finger. It doesn’t need to be a formal “wedding ring etiquette” decision. The decision should be made between the bride and groom, with their close family and friends acting as mediators.

There are some traditional norms for wedding rings that every couple should follow. When purchasing a bridal set, the bride and groom should choose matching rings. If they are of different metals, then it’s advisable to have them professionally designed and customized to their specific wedding colors. Rings that complement and perfectly fit into their finger should be purchased. Custom designed rings should not be considered, even though they may look spectacular. A bride and groom must consider their budget and choose rings based on their level of individual style and personal expression.

It’s traditionally unacceptable for a woman to wear a man-made ring on her wedding finger. This is due to a superstition believed to have started during the middle ages when it was believed that evil spirits would kidnap the husband of a woman and force him to use the woman’s finger to make a ring for her. This practice has since been abolished, but some women still prefer to wear a ring meant for a man on their fourth finger. Brides who choose to wear a man-made ring will sometimes place a small charm on the band to represent their relationship. Although this isn’t a tradition that is upheld by every culture or religion, it’s a nice touch to add to the ring. Wedding rings are symbols of love and commitment, so it only makes sense to purchase one that represents the happy future you both share together.