All About Tungsten Carbide Rings

A ring is any circular band, typically of precious metal, worn as decorative jewellery. The word “ring” on its own always refers to jewellery worn around the index finger; when worn as jewellery elsewhere, the word itself is specified, e.g., rings, finger rings, ring fingers, wedding rings, wedding bands, and various other such rings. Rings can be made from a variety of precious metals, with gold being the most popular and most admired of all. They are also available in different styles, designs and settings. They can be simple or quite ornate, with diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emeralds adorning the bands.

Wedding rings have been in use since ancient times, though they came into vogue with the French Revolution some 150 years ago. It was not until the 20th century that rings came into use as a form of personal ornament. They became especially popular with women after World War II, with their introduction of black zirconium rings into the market. Zirconium was used as a replacement for lead in many watches as it is highly resistant to corrosion, is extremely hardwearing, possesses anti-staining properties and is a superior conductor of electricity.

With the change in time, ring designs evolved from the traditional round bands into the more elegant, extravagant, avant garde styles that we see today. These include the so-called “orbitoid rings” or “etched ring” styles and the likes. All these new designs feature small, evenly sized stones set high on the center of the ring surface. Usually, an outer band made of tungsten carbide is used to secure the stones against the larger inner band. But sometimes, a metal overlay or an inner band of another metal is used.

A few years ago, the outer edge of a ring may be engraved, whereas before, it had to be left blank. Now, some rings feature grooves or slots that serve to hold the engraving. In some cases, the grooves may be set at different angles. There are also some planetary rings that have flat bottom sets of stones. While these types usually look very nice when matched with white gold or platinum wedding bands, it is still possible to find grooved planetary rings that appear in yellow gold, rose gold and white gold. For those who prefer platinum over white gold, there are also some rings that contain platinum in their structure.

There are also some new types of rings in use that have never been seen before. One of them is the “tungsten carbide rings,” which are made of pure tungsten. The metal has its own unique set of advantages, such as its durability and the fact that it can be molded into any design. Many designers prefer this type of ring because it is more difficult to cut than other metals. Another advantage of these rings is the fact that they do not scratch, which is a common problem for many different ring types.

There are a variety of other new styles to choose from when choosing tungsten carbide rings. One of them is the “tungsten wedding band,” which is available in white gold, rose gold and a variety of black metals. There are some black rings that are made using a combination of titanium, silver and gold, which are also quite popular. The ring styles are likely to continue growing in popularity for many years to come.