Wedding Rings – Plain Metal Band Or Engagement Rings?

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Wedding Rings – Plain Metal Band Or Engagement Rings?

A wedding band or wedding ring is simply a finger ring which officially indicates that its wearer is already married. Usually, it is usually made from white gold or another costly metal. The wedding bands can either be simple one or multi-colored in many cases. However, the most common types are the plain gold wedding bands. And yes, even these are very beautiful and elegant pieces of jewellery.

In the olden days, wedding bands were worn during the ceremony itself. As time passed by, these rings gradually evolved into the modern wedding rings that we know today. With the evolution of these rings, they also became more intricate and unique. Some rings are no longer just simple bands; they have intricate designs etched on their surfaces.

Traditionally, couples would exchange rings on the fourth finger of each hand. In the Middle Ages, this finger was believed to contain a vein that would bring good luck and prosperity to the couple. This is why a lot of early brides wore two rings together on this finger. However, some groups of people didn’t like the idea of exchanging rings on the fourth finger. Because of this, the fourth finger of some women wasn’t included in the tradition of exchanging rings. But in countries like Japan, they still wore bridal sets consisting of two rings.

In some areas of Asia, bridal sets don’t consist of two rings. Instead, it’s the responsibility of the family of the bride to provide them. However, the Japanese culture actually encourages the couple to wear a single yellow gold band. Traditionally, this finger was believed to be the vein connecting the heart to the head. Hence, wearing a single gold band on this finger was thought to keep everything connected.

The wearing of engagement rings on the fourth finger of either hand has also been viewed as a bad omen if you were married. This is because it’s believed that the vein that runs from this finger runs directly to the heart. So, if the person you’re marrying were to wear one, there was a possibility that their heart could block a vein just before their engagement. And since a vein is usually blocked by marriage, it’s considered a bad omen to wear one.

Brides nowadays have a lot of options when it comes to engagement rings. They can choose from different precious stones and even various metals. But no matter what kind of engagement rings they choose, it’s important that the color should match with the dress. Aside from being plain, the bride should also not choose a plain metal band.