Engagement Rings Through History

Wedding rings or wedding bands are a simple finger ring which symbolizes that its holder is married. It’s typically forged of gold, usually, and is typically forged by a jeweler who specialises in handcrafting jewellery. These days, wedding rings are available for men and women both. However, there are some specific rings for men which are more popular than the rest, as they offer the groom and the bride a better choice of material and design, and they’re also a lot more likely to last a lifetime!

Men’s wedding rings come in a wide variety of materials, styles and designs. Some rings can be constructed out of precious gems and are very aesthetically pleasing to look at, while others are plain and functional, with simple but meaningful meaning behind them. A plain gold ring, for instance, can have a variety of different gemstones set into it, giving it an impressive and varied choice of stones. Gold rings are usually the choice of the groom due to their colour and attractiveness, but there are other gemstones and metals which can be used if the groom prefers them.

Diamond wedding rings, especially those which are made with white diamonds, are perhaps the most common, elegant and romantic of all the styles. These are available in an enormous array of cuts, settings, colours and sizes, giving the prospective groom the chance to choose a ring which meets his own personal tastes and needs and which also compliments the bride’s. The biggest advantage of a diamond ring is the symbolism behind it: the groom receives a visible symbol of his love and his future together, a promise of everlasting love and a proof of his undying affection for the bride. A diamond ring also symbolises success for the couple, with the diamonds being said to represent the couple’s love and the rings being exchanged in a ceremony which is as significant as any other in the life of the couple.

Gemstones come in a variety of styles, including marquise, emerald, oval, pear, princess, radiant and Swarovski. The size, shape and cut of the gemstones used in wedding rings vary according to the taste and preferences of the bride and groom. Many people prefer traditional round or oval cuts to give a more classical look. Emerald bands are very popular due to their regal appearance and their ability to sparkle when the light strikes them. Marquise bands look striking with wedding rings containing diamonds, while pear and radiant bands look especially beautiful with those containing rubies.

Wedding rings can also be custom made, so that the bride and groom have complete control over the style, cut and design of their ring. This is another reason why wedding rings throughout history have been given by different kings and queens as symbols of their unbreakable vows of love and devotion. Alternatively, there are also reputable jewellers who will create rings using one of a range of metals, with either a gold, silver or platinum band, for example. Titanium, an extremely strong metal, has been used for years in wedding rings due to its durability and strength. Platinum wedding rings, which are the most popular option, are also available.

Wedding bands are made from a variety of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum and titanium. Many people choose wedding rings within their wedding ring styles simply because they are more affordable. While the metals may differ, both engagement and wedding rings share similar characteristics such as the precious or semi-precious metals, the unique handmade design and the symbolic meaning behind the bands’ names or motifs. Engagement rings generally have a diamond setting while wedding rings commonly have at least one other type of metal in them. In fact, many couples choose wedding rings throughout history and use one band for all of their wedding and engagement rings.