Planning Your Outer Space Wedding

The Space Wedding is an extremely romantic wedding which takes place miles in distance from civilization. It is set in space and has only been seen in the series “graybles 1000+,” which is an animated spin-off of Star Trek. The wedding ceremony, as you can imagine, is extremely unique and has a number of interesting elements. If you have ever dreamed of getting married in outer space, then this is your chance.

The Space wedding has elements of romance, science fiction, fantasy and even futuristic elements. It takes place aboard a large space ship that slowly becomes larger as it takes off into space. The wedding party is included and so is the marriage ceremony (which happens at the same time). The wedding cake is made from sugar crystals and is shaped like a rocket plane.

The Space wedding looks absolutely incredible. The cake is made in a unique shape which is quite like a heart, it is covered with foam and surrounded by silver trimmings. The first Space wedding took place in Russia, it was a Ceremony which occurred on board the International Space Station. The guests were all somewhat scared but amazingly the event was a huge success due to the fact that not only the groom but his bride as well as other people on board had a great time during the ceremony.

Another amazing element of this wedding ceremony is that the capsule was not just a cake; it was a live cake which was taken onboard the Soyuz. In fact the cake was so realistic looking that some people filming the event thought it might actually be real! It was then that the idea of having a wedding ceremony in space came into the plans. Soyuz capsules are very light and you do not need too many materials to launch them (although it is recommended that you do), they are also incredibly fragile and will need careful handling when in storage.

To be able to have your wedding venue launched into space, you would need to find a supplier who specialises in capsule shaped cakes. There are suppliers out there but many of them cannot cope with such an elaborate cake and so would need to contact you to help with planning your ceremony. This means that if you want a beautiful and unique cake then it needs to be planned very carefully. Soyuz capsules also take up quite a lot of room, so if you were to use a standard wedding venue then you would need a lot of extra space to fit the cake and all of the extra accessories.

Once you have all the details worked out, you need to contact a Soyuz capsule launching company, to find out when these events are taking place. It is best to book six months ahead, so that you are guaranteed to get the date if it is available. You can then work with your wedding planner, to plan your ceremony, your wedding package and what food to serve. Planning your Soyuz marriage ceremony in outer space is going to be an amazing experience for those you invite and for those of you that will witness it. Do not rush into anything and ensure that everything can be perfect from start to finish.