An International Wedding in Space – A Dream Wedding by Bradner and Rusev

The Space Wedding is actually a very clever wedding that takes place well out of the reach of our earth. It’s set up in space and has only been seen in an episode of Star Trek: The Original Series. In the episode, “Graybles,” the wedding is on a USS Enterprise and is platformed above a large, star-filled space ship and then with several alien ships surrounding it. A wedding in space, however, could be a lot scarier and more fun than that of a marriage on a boat. This is a space wedding that you would definitely want to see.

The concept of a space wedding is not one that is new. Many couples have dreamed about tying the knot in outer space or even on a space ship. One couple in particular, Bradner and Signy Plesk became so fascinated with the idea they began planning their wedding in 2021. Their big idea was to get married on a Soyuz capsule, which has yet to take place. A wedding in outer space, however, can happen. It just might take place around the year 2032.

Before any formal arrangements take place, however, the couple will need to ensure they are eligible to marry in the United States. They need to fulfill all the requirements for getting married to start with. If the paperwork is too complicated for the bride or groom to handle themselves, they might want to contact the International Space Station Program to help them. The first ever Russian cosmonaut, Anatoli Babaevsky, is scheduled to marry Anatoli Rusev in January 20032.

At that point in time, Bradner and Rusev will be strapped to an automated Soyuz capsule that will transport them safely to a landing zone on the Russian side of the moon. Once there, the couple will be able to exchange wedding vows and formally sign the papers necessary to get married. Once the marriage takes place, the capsule will detach from the Soyuz and parachute back to Earth. At that point, Bradner and Rusev will be taking people on a ride on a balloon ride over the world.

This is the dream wedding ceremony that Bradner and Rusev are hoping to plan. They are not alone in dreaming of this big event, though. There are more than 100 countries that have signed on to participate in the first space race to the moon and Mars. In order to qualify for the race, countries must submit their plans for sending a human into space within three years. Many of these plans are quite ambitious, but many also take into account ways of making the ceremony a memorable one, such as having the bride or groom wear a unique space suit.

The two cosmonauts who plan to marry in January will have the opportunity to use their experience and knowledge to help other couples plan their own wedding in space. A number of different options are available to the international space team who wants to celebrate its first successful wedding aboard a Russian Soyuz. One option is to have the bride or groom wear a wedding dress designed to look like a gown designed to be worn on the red planet. If the wedding ceremony takes place aboard the Soyuz, the bride and groom can wear the same dress they will wear on the wedding day back on earth. Another option is for them to use a white wedding dress that is kept inside the Soyuz until the ceremony when it is returned to Earth.