Choosing Between Wedding Rings and Gemstone Rings

A wedding ring or wedding set is a single finger ring which usually signifies that its wearer is already married. It’s usually made of silver or some other precious metal and is commonly forged out of gold or some other precious metal. Both bride and groom can wear their wedding rings during their wedding ceremony, but the bride must always wear her engagement ring first, until they get married and are allowed to wear their wedding rings together. Wearing their engagement and wedding rings together, makes them one and the same ring, signifying a future shared union.

Wearing wedding rings throughout history is common. The Egyptians and Mayans were known for it, as were the Chinese and Indian societies. Typically, the ring finger of the left hand was linked to the heart chakra, which in spiritual traditions, is associated with sexuality and sexual energy. Rings worn by humans from early times have depicted the various cultures and events that were important to each individual culture. Early Celtic wedding rings, for instance, portray the symbols of love and friendship.

In the time of the Black Death, a huge epidemic, the tradition of wearing engagement rings became even more important to many people. When the plague swept through the European continent, some people began to trade precious metals for cloth. This led to the creation of the so-called “ring of steel”. This ring had two metals and was worn on the fourth finger of the left hand. By the time the Industrial Revolution happened, this practice became outdated, as jewelers developed new ways to produce jewelry.

As gold became more popular, jewelers also developed methods of producing white gold, a finer metal band than yellow gold. In the early 19th century, most American brides favored white gold engagement rings over yellow ones. White gold has its own unique lustre, unlike yellow gold, which can be dull or murky looking. Its shine can be enhanced by using special chemicals, but it is no more durable than other forms of metal band. However, it is often preferred because of its lighter weight, which makes it easier to care for.

Bridal jewelry also includes engagement rings, which are intended to be worn on the same finger as the wedding band. The shape of the band may vary, depending on personal preference. Most women prefer a solitaire band, with one large diamond or several smaller ones. Some women opt for a smaller rectangular band, with several smaller diamonds. Wedding bands are designed to be worn on the right hand’s index finger, between the index and middle fingers. A wedding ring is most often designed with just one metal band, with embellishments on the other bands that match the wedding band.

There are also a number of different metal rings that couples can choose from. Some couples prefer gold wedding rings, which are typically circular. Other couples prefer platinum wedding rings, which are square and feature several smaller diamonds. For those who are looking for a more unique option, there are butterfly wedding rings. And if for some reason you cannot find the perfect match for your wedding rings, there are a number of custom made designs available. In addition, wedding rings can be made with a wide variety of gemstones, which can make a meaningful gift to your loved one.