Alternative Wedding Venues For Your Space Shuttle Program

The Space Wedding is a futuristic wedding that will take place in outer space. It’s set in space and was the first marriage proposal episode of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. The wedding itself is on platformed above a huge white-colored warship and with several alien ships surrounding it as protection.

This type of wedding doesn’t necessarily have to be a large event either. A much simpler wedding dress and wedding cake can be used that only requires a smaller rocket plane and can be made within the same space as the marriage ceremony itself. If you aren’t interested in spending thousands of dollars, this would be a great option for you if you are planning to marry in outer space.

There are a lot of unique ideas that couples are using to have their wedding in outer space. For example, couples are choosing to exchange their “do” (wedding dress) in front of a star-filled sky. If they don’t have enough money to invest into a big, elaborate wedding dress, a simple one can be used that can still take place 100 kilometers away from the closest civilization. All you need is a big piece of fabric and a big piece of lace that can be attached to the dress before the exchange.

A unique way to have your wedding taking place 100 kilometers from the Earth is by having a space flight simulator used. The simulators are not the actual thing, but they are a way for you to experience what it would be like to be a member of an international space flight. They take you through the whole trip and allow you to experience everything from docking and take off all the way to the moon. The simulators take you through various situations such as going up to the space station or re-entry. They also let you see how cosmonauts would handle such a situation.

Of course, having a wedding in space isn’t for just any couple. You need to pick a very unique location. The only problem with a location like this is that there would be no opportunity for a traditional wedding. The only type of wedding venue that would work is the raw space one, as it is the closest to the ground. It’s the perfect setting if you want to be able to cut down on some costs.

A lot of couples are using capsule weddings these days. The idea of exchanging your “do” in a capsule is definitely an interesting one. The most common type of capsules used these days are those with an artificial rock as the center and other elements like a figure 8 or a heart. If you’re able to set up a ceremony like this on the International Space Station, you won’t have anything to worry about because nothing will happen until you take people on board. If you’d rather have your wedding ceremony take place up in orbit, you could conceivably plan for both events by holding separate ceremonies in two different locations.