What to Expect When You’re a U.S. Citizen and Plan a Russian Space Wedding

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What to Expect When You’re a U.S. Citizen and Plan a Russian Space Wedding

The Space Wedding is an absolutely beautiful and unique marriage ceremony that occurs in space. It’s set in space and was the first ever seen in the series “graybles 1000+.” The wedding involved a ship with a giant diamond on its bow, space shuttles and thousands of other alien vessels as security. The beauty of this wedding is that it was totally unique and completely spectacular.

One can say that the Space Wedding is more of a futuristic wedding than it is for earth weddings. For example, since the wedding takes place at the edge of space, the bride and groom have to be of the same species. A pure white blooded human being is not allowed to marry in outer space. Therefore, this marriage would only take place between a human.

There are many unique elements that make the Space Wedding unique. First of all, the bride and groom (along with their wedding party) travel to the edge of hundred kilometers of outer space in a massive rocket plane. They are there in zero gravity and under the effects of zero gravity and no Earthling or any human being on the ground is around. There is no chance of bumping into anybody or anything.

Secondly, the marriage is under the close scrutiny of the U.S. Mission Control, which oversees all space missions. A live television feed is provided to the guest list and all visual images of the ceremony and reception are shown. There are two views given by the Mission Control, one showing the bride and groom kissing and another showing all of the action from the astronauts. This creates a truly romantic and exotic atmosphere at the space wedding.

Thirdly, there is no wedding planner, photographer, videographer, nor makeup artist among the 200 or so scientists, engineers and cosmonauts who will be participating in the wedding. Everything that happens on the flight is under the strict orders of the Russian Federal Government. The only people allowed on board are the members of the cosmonaut team and the Soyuz capsule crew as well as the NASA astronauts who will be participating in the mission. As such, there is nothing to disrupt the ceremony as it occurs just outside of earth’s atmosphere.

Fourthly, a bride can choose to wear a white Russian cosmonaut wedding dress made of laminates and fabric from her choosing, as well as a white gown. Other options include a simple strapless gown and a flower girl dress made of silk with a bodice that is covered by a white peasant blouse. The flower girl can also choose a gown that has a skirt and comes with a bow on the skirt. The bride can wear a white wedding dress that she has specially designed by a U.S. Citizen who has studied design for at least two years prior to the wedding ceremony. The wedding dress is then hand-sewn by a seamstress who is also a member of the Russian Cosmonaut School.