Wedding Rings Vs Engagement Rings

A wedding ring or wedding set is a single finger ring which symbolizes that its holder is married. It’s usually crafted from precious metals, and nowadays is commonly forged with gold or some other precious metal. In many cases, both the bride and the groom select the type of metal for the wedding ring set and then it’s purchased from a jeweler or jewelry store. There are also different wedding rings sets available for a male ring as well as a female ring. These sets generally come with a matching chain.

The wedding band of today is designed to be worn on only one finger – the left ring. Before, wedding bands were made to be worn on both fingers, though they were often worn on only one ring finger. This was not uncommon in the middle classes in Western Europe where a typical citizen was not allowed to wear a non-conventional ring on their finger. However, in more recent history, many of these traditions have been discarded. Today, some cultures wear their wedding bands on both fingers.

Typically, wedding rings and engagement rings differ in several ways. For example, a diamond engagement ring can have diamonds all the way around the band, whereas most wedding bands do not. An engagement ring with several smaller diamonds in a row is referred to as a cluster ring, which adds an exquisite touch to any wedding or engagement ring. The traditional engagement ring has always included a diamond; however, other stones such as rubies or emeralds are also included in the ring.

In addition to the clusters of diamonds, most modern engagement rings include sapphires, rubies, or other exotic stones. These stones are often set in white gold or other precious metals to bring out the color of the diamond and to compliment the setting. For example, the band may be made of white gold with a black sapphire engagement ring resting on the center of the band. Sapphires are often included because they enhance the natural beauty of the silver setting.

Another tradition surrounding the wearing of an engagement ring involves choosing the ring itself. Traditionally, the ring is chosen by the future bride’s parents, but today, most brides shop for their ring before making any decision at all. Some women even make their own version of the groom’s ring – taking the shape of the bride’s hand and adding in diamonds to complete the design.

It’s not just the bride who chooses wedding bands; many grooms choose to give diamond engagement rings to their wives as well. However, it’s not just diamonds that count; there are many more options available today. Whatever you want, there is a unique engagement ring available.