Wedding Planners Plan Soyuz Video Link for Wedding

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Wedding Planners Plan Soyuz Video Link for Wedding

The Space Wedding is an extremely dramatic wedding which takes place in space and has only been seen in the episode ‘Graybles 1000+. The wedding is set to platform above a rippling space ship and with several alien spacecraft surrounding it as protection. The marriage of two people who will be going up into space together has become very exclusive and only happens to a very small circle of friends and family. To complicate matters, there is an unknown third party also involved, which is represented by a group of hostile aliens.

As, well as a marriage taking place in outer space there is also the potential for romance to take place. The most common way for this to occur is for the bride to ride in a rocket plane that takes her husband on the big day. The big bond created through the romantic escapade can be powerful enough to create a bond even further from earth. This would explain why so many brides opt to go for such an exotic wedding.

A space wedding can also be organized on an international level. Two couples could fly from one country to the other in a giant outer space vehicle. The vehicles would separate while the ceremony was under way. The bride and groom then would walk hand in hand back to their earth like wedding couple. The only problem with this wedding concept is that if disaster strikes the wedding party would not have time to return. There is also a technical problem with the giant rockets being launched since they are too large and cannot be easily launched into space.

Another way for a space wedding to take place is by using a wedding march. A wedding march is when the band or group playing the musical piece is led by a band or dance group in a romantic way to symbolize the union between two people. A wedding march can be arranged using three cars, a train, birds or anything else that can symbolize the union between two people. For the wedding planner there is plenty of room for creativity with such a ceremony, since it is taking place in outer space.

Wedding planners who are interested in organizing such a ceremony should look at proposals from different countries. The first suggestion that comes to mind is that of a Russian mission control center. The cosmonaut from the Russian mission control center would take the bride and groom on board their Soyuz capsule and they would spend their wedding ceremony floating weightless in space. They would be able to do the same thing on the day of their marriage in their hotel room. It is believed that this is the perfect solution for a space wedding because there are no weather considerations to deal with.

The second idea is that of a video link between the wedding ceremony and the launch of the Soyuz capsule. Two or more cameras could be installed in Soyuz capsules and when the capsule is launched could record the entire wedding ceremony from beginning to end. This would be followed by a live feed back to the cosmonaut in charge of the video link. This would be a very spectacular way to record the event as it would happen to live above the Earth. Some wedding planners are hesitant to book such a service because of the cost of having a videographer with them, but the price of a video link to the international space station is less than ten thousand dollars and less than five hundred dollars to have the ceremony in a hotel on Earth.