Planning a Wedding Around a Space Theme

The Space Wedding is essentially a wedding which occurs in space and has yet to be witnessed in real life. It first appeared in the show “graybles 1000+,” and platformed above a massive, diamond-crafted warship. In the fictional world, the marriage of Peter Kay and Gwyneth Paltrow took place aboard an Enterprise. There have been questions about the validity of this marriage, and whether or not it’s legally defined as a marriage in each state.

For the bride-to-be, she might consider the fact that the marriage has been featured on Star Trek: The Original Series. Or that she is married in the very same ship as her idol, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Worf. Some may even choose to consider the wedding in outer space as a way of celebrating their love for someone who is thousands of light years away. A space wedding can take place at an Earth-like planet like Mars or even at the moon.

When planning a space wedding, the first thing to do is to contact your wedding organizer to determine the most appropriate ceremony and reception locations. After all, you want to be sure that the location you choose will allow for guests to be transported from wherever they are to where the ceremony will take place. If you opt for an outside wedding, you’ll need to select a location from which the rocket plane will launch from. Although the ceremony may take place on the ground, the guests will be traveling into space, so there may be additional challenges when planning the transportation of your guests.

Once you’ve chosen the most appropriate location for your wedding, the next thing to decide on is the actual ceremony and reception. To plan an outer space wedding, you must work out a schedule which will allow for a big enough period of time for the rocket plane to launch, capture your guests, and then return safely to Earth. It’s also important to consider the feasibility of traveling farther from Earth than 100 kilometers away, because the greater distance, the greater the expense. Your wedding ceremony and reception could be held on the moon, Mars, or even Mars.

One of the greatest challenges when planning an outer space wedding is to get your video link with the actual ceremony and reception to work properly. The problem with many traditional wedding marches is that the audio or video does not work very well in space, whereas with a Russian Cosmonaut ceremony, the audio and video link works perfectly. If you are able to send audio and video files, it will be much easier for your guests to understand what is taking place. Even if you cannot send video links, if your photographs are excellent and your video looks good, a traditional Russian wedding march will work just fine. It might be a good idea to have a few Russian style wedding banners for your space wedding, to help the mood of the ceremony.

A first space wedding could be a very exciting and memorable event for your guests and friends. One way to make it memorable is to plan it with your guests as a team, so everyone contributes their creative energy and effort to making the day perfect for you and your new spouse-to-be. A cosmonaut wedding would not only be an incredible first, but it may also be the beginning of many more space milestones for your cosmonaut and the international space station, as well as a great way for your family and friends to learn more about space.