A Space Wedding – A Wedding That Is Taken By Strangers

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A Space Wedding – A Wedding That Is Taken By Strangers

The Space Wedding is a big deal right now and many are going to have one, maybe even more than one. The concept is simple enough, you get married on a fancy ship that takes you to different planets. The first of these is called the Colony Ship and it is used by the government on Mars, they send out couples and they are each assigned a mate for life. If they both die then they get another go at marriage but only if they both live longer than a year.

The colony ship in “Deep Space 9” is an interesting take on the space wedding. The concept is that you could get married in outer space. There is a ceremony aboard the ship, which is only about thirty seconds and includes exchange of marriage vows and some music, then the couple jumps into a large red capsule and jumps off into space. They say that the capsule will travel at the speed of light and in fact has already traveled several times the distance.

The cosmonaut that was in “Deep Space Nine” is Olga Rakhlin and she is one of six cosmonauts selected to be one of the first ever passengers on an international space flight. This trip is part of the experiments for the Russian space program called Mir in which there is also a mission to repair the first ever robot to go into space. It is scheduled to be in operation around the same time as the wedding and it is supposed to land on the asteroid V Asteroids. The cosmonaut that is part of this mission will be Olga Rakhlin and will be the first female ever to do that. That is interesting but what else is interesting about the space wedding and the way it is set up?

There are actually two ways for a marriage to take place in outer space. The first involves a rocket plane that is launched from the ground by two boosters. Once on board they will circle the moon and once they come back down they will dock with the Russian spacecraft which is going to be their base of operations. If the wedding was to take place 100 kilometers away from earth the two would use a Soyuz capsule and if it were to be two different Soyuz capsules they would use different capsules so each could dock at their own destination.

A Russian cosmonaut named Olga Rakhlin is the first ever woman to do a space walk and she also is the first woman to be put in a Soyuz capsule. The first space wedding took place exactly a year ago today. The event included more than 200 guests who came from all over the world. The two cosmonauts who planned the wedding had a list of things that they had to do such as giving speeches, sign the guest books, take pictures, have flowers delivered, dance to music and even sing a song. The first couple also had to make a speech thanking the audience for coming and for helping them celebrate such an incredible event. They were also asked questions by the reporters on what things they had in common and what their plans were for this new adventure in space.

A few months later the wedding ceremony was held and the guests were served dinner and drinks which included the Soyuz capsule and champagne. The cake cutting happened live on stage and after the performances, the band that performed there last song, “ighters”, was to play. After this the actual wedding venue opened up for the guests and the celebration started. This one day became the beginning of an amazing adventure in space. The two couples celebrated their one year trip into space on board the Mir and later on that day the wedding ceremony took place.