Wedding in Outer Space – Is it Possible?

What exactly is a “Space Wedding”? By definition, a “Space Wedding” is any venue that is not a public venue and is designed specifically for one big event. It can be a private club, arts centre/theater, town-house, museum or historic site.

The first person who ever thought of such a concept was David Brinkley, the creator of the hit TV series Extreme Weight Loss. In the show, he had his character undergoes what is commonly called a space flight, traveling 100 kilometers in just under five hours. And just recently, on the worldwide web, there is a space wedding ceremony that was documented and attended by more than two hundred couples. In this wedding ceremony, the bride and groom are reduced to their legal and human rights in exchange for being able to have their wedding ceremony in outer space. The space flight did not pan out, but it has been a source of inspiration for wedding planners all over the world.

The idea for having a wedding in outer space was actually born out of an actual event. In 1999, two international space flight astronauts, cosmonauts Valentina Povstolov and Andrei Kovaarov, presented a proposal to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration proposing that their wedding is held on the International Space Station. The only problem with their proposal was that the space station, due to safety restrictions, would not be capable of housing two people at once. The cosmonaut eventually withdrew the proposal from consideration, but the wedding did go ahead. The married couple later returned to Earth and presented the wedding dress to the cosmonauts.

This was then followed by another wedding occasion on the International Space Station, this time by a Japanese bride and groom. Their marriage proposal took place in their cramped quarters, and their proposal received the approval of the crew, which then posted the wedding venue to the Russian Svalkhesrud control center. This is because the cosmonauts were still attached to the Soyuz-Miner. However, this means that the cosmonauts were not able to bring their proposal to the Russian-controlled space station. Although the cosmonauts later returned to Earth and presented the bride with a wedding dress made from a Russian cosmonaut fabric, it was too late to do anything with the dress. It is doubtful that either dress will ever be worn again.

Although the wedding in outer space or marriage capsules is still not likely to take place anytime soon, it has become quite a popular option among those interested in having a wedding ceremony that includes some outside of earth, exotic locations. Many celebrities are getting married in outer space, and if you want to have a unique wedding that incorporates elements of a faraway culture, this is certainly something that can be done. However, when you choose a location for your marriage ceremony, you will want to choose a place that allows for an easily converted capsule ceremony, or one that does not require any modifications in order for your marriage to take place.

Today, there are a number of companies that will convert your regular wedding dress into a Russian capsule wedding gown that can be shipped back to you. After all, what is better than having your wedding in a foreign land, one where your bride wears a stunning white gown under a starry sky? Of course, if your bride is also going to marry another couple from another country, the first space wedding might just be the perfect way to combine their customs and yours. Just make sure that your cosmonaut groom is allowed to accompany his bride on the international space station!