An Outer Space Wedding March

space wedding

An Outer Space Wedding March

The Space Wedding is an exciting marriage that takes place at space and has only been seen in the series “Graybles 1000plus.” The marriage is platformed above a massive rose-red ship and with several alien ships surrounding it as protection. This marriage is set up so the couple gets to choose the type of ship they are going to marry on. They can choose between a colony ship or a space ship. After the wedding the ship goes on a cruise and the couple returns to earth.

The marriage ceremony cannot take place without the help of a cosmonaut. He/She is the one who will hold the ceremony and also do the rings. Once the ceremony is over, the cosmonaut returns to the space ship. The wedding cake is then presented to the couple and they sign it as a symbol of their everlasting love. In some cultures this ritual is repeated until the couple has reached a certain number of years in space.

Finding a space wedding venue is not a problem. There are many venues that have the facilities and expertise to host such an event. The first thing to do is find out if the space station or museum has the type of facilities that you are looking for. A wedding venue may need to be flexible for guests who have other plans for the day or cannot come on the wedding day due to various reasons.

The next step is to look into a place that is not too far from the actual wedding site. It helps if it’s close enough for the guests to drive to the venue and get on the ground for the ceremony. Some couples prefer to have the wedding take place inside the vehicle so they can do the firing off of the rocket plane on the day of the wedding. This gives the couple more time to photograph the ceremony without any interruptions. Most of the outer space vehicles today can accommodate as many as two to six passengers who are traveling together, so there’s plenty of room to mingle and take part in the ceremony.

After selecting the right outer space venue, the wedding service and reception can take place in a wide variety of locations. Some couples choose a launch capsule or a simulator to set the stage for the big occasion. Others prefer to go to the Moon where there’s less risk of weather disruptions and fewer technical difficulties. Or they may want to be closer to Earth for a quick trip back to Earth. Whatever the couples’ preferences, they can enjoy the unique outer space attractions offered by a wedding cruise.

Once the wedding ceremony has taken place the couples and their guests can sign on the giant red button to seal the deal and return to earth. Some of the more memorable destinations used for these types of ceremonies include the Soyuz colony, the Russian Cosmonaut Training Center and the Plesk Cosmonaut Training Facility in Russia. Today, many more wedding cruise options have become available. A Russian cosmonaut, a U.S. astronaut or a Hollywood movie star can lead the ceremony in a special way that only they could imagine.