Wedding Rings – A Symbol of Eternal Love and Loyalty

A wedding ring is a constant reminder of the promise to your partner of eternal love and loyalty. It is worn by both women and men as a sign of their commitment to each other, either legally or religiously. It also shows others that you are married and not available to have romantic relationships with other people. The tradition of wedding rings goes back thousands of years, with the first evidence of their exchange found in ancient Egyptian writings on papyrus scrolls. The rings were originally made from reeds, twine and other plant materials that could be easily twisted into a circular shape and represented the eternal nature of their marriages. They were designed to be worn on the fourth finger of the left hand, as it was once believed that a vein ran directly from that point to the heart – called the “love vein” or vena amoris. Modern wedding rings are usually crafted from precious metals and stones, with the most popular being diamonds. The hardness and durability of diamonds make them an ideal symbol of the enduring strength of a marriage. Many couples choose to engrave the inside of their rings with special messages, dates or other words that are meaningful to them. Some jewellers can do this for you, so it’s worth asking when you’re shopping around. The most important thing when choosing a wedding ring is that it makes you feel comfortable and happy to wear it. Taking factors like lifestyle, job, personal preference, your finger’s thickness and more into account will help you find a design that is perfect for you. It’s also a good idea to buy your wedding ring from a reputable store that offers a wide variety of designs and styles so you can try them on and see how they fit and feel. As a general rule, most men and women wear their wedding rings for the rest of their lives, though some choose to remove them at times. This can be a practical consideration for people who work in vocations where the ring might get caught on something or could become damaged. It can also be a good idea for people who tend to be very active or messy. In some cultures, it’s common to switch rings between the left and right hands once they’re engaged and married. This may be because the right-handed people often use their hands for more manual labor and need to protect their rings from damage, or it might be because they’re more likely to have a close relationship with their family members on the left side of the body. It’s also important to keep in mind that your ring can have a huge impact on the way you act and speak, and how other people perceive you. It’s a constant reminder of your pledge to the person you love and that’s why it’s such an important piece of jewelry. If you’re ready to shop for yours, be sure to check out our full collection of beautiful wedding bands at Catbird!

Get Married in Space

When it comes to weddings, couples leave no stone unturned in making it a special day. They can be held in grand halls, religious places, on lavish cruises or even mid-air on airplanes. However, one couple took it to the next level by getting married in space. A company is now offering the opportunity for couples to take their vows 100,000 feet above Earth. The ethereal experience comes with a hefty price tag though. The company known as Space Perspective will give couples the chance to take their vows in space by launching them into orbit on a carbon-neutral balloon equipped with enormous windows. The company says the six-hour Spaceship Neptune flight will provide couples with “the stunning views of the curvature of the Earth, the vast blackness of space, and the thin blue line of our atmosphere.” Interested couples can book their seats on the Space Perspective website. However, they will need to pay a whopping $125,000 per seat. According to the company, the awe-inspiring flight will be customized for each couple. Besides the spectacular view, guests can look forward to amenities such as drinks, plush seating, interactive lighting, and sound systems. The company also lets the passengers rearrange the furniture to adapt it for a special event like a wedding. According to the Co-Founder of Space Perspective, Jane Poynter, the waiting list for a celestial nuptial is already light-years long. “It’s a very popular idea, and we’ve had quite a few requests,” she says. It’s not the first time a couple has tied the knot in space, but it certainly is the most unusual. The first space wedding happened 16 years ago, when US astronaut Ekaterina Dmitrieva and Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko got married in Texas while he was orbiting in the International Space Station. They exchanged rings via a video link, and she walked down the aisle to a David Bowie song. She even wore her white dress to the ceremony, while he went with his standard space suit complete with a bow tie. Traci and Dave Gagnon are another couple who decided to take their wedding in space. The pair met in the virtual world and were wed on Labor Day weekend. During the ceremony, their digital avatars walked down the aisle and gave toasts. They were joined by their seven-year-old twin virtual avatars as the ring bearer and flower girl. The couple also threw a reception in their home. Guests toasted to the newlyweds with champagne and enjoyed a variety of appetizers and desserts. The reception was also a chance for the couple to show off their new home. The space-themed decorations included a custom twilight theme and a starlight ceiling. The couple has been together for 14 years and has two children. This is their second marriage. The previous was with a man who died of cancer before the wedding. The happy couple now lives in the Colorado mountains. They have a dog named Charlie and both enjoy hiking and skiing.

Men’s Rings

Historically, rings have symbolized marriage, exceptional achievement, high social rank or authority and membership in an organization. They are also worn as a sign of friendship, loyalty and commitment. In the modern world, they are often a mark of wealth or power. In mathematics, a ring (or ring algebra) is an algebraic structure that consists of a set R and the operations addition and multiplication. The ring of integers, the rings of rational numbers and real numbers are all examples of rings, as are the infinite rings of functions in algebraic geometry and the finite rings of invariants in invariant theory. Any set R can be a ring, but the ring of rational numbers and real numbers are characterized by the special properties of the binary operations in them. The idea of a ring was originally introduced by Dedekind and later formalized by Hilbert and Fraenkel. In the latter part of the 19th century, algebraic and geometric methods contributed to the concept. Since that time, rings have become important in many branches of mathematics and have been used to define other structures, including Dedekind domains, polynomial rings, rings of invariants and matrices. In physics, rings have been used to model the properties of atomic systems, such as the atoms’ binding energy and their magnetic interactions. In jewelry, a ring is usually a circular band, but it can be any shape. Traditionally, it is made of precious metals or gems. It may be adorned with other decorations, such as engravings or enamel work. It is commonly worn on the finger, although it can be worn on other parts of the body such as the toe or in a piercing. The ring was worn by ancient peoples as a symbol of a promise or vow, such as a promise to be faithful or a vow of virginity, and it has continued to be used in this way today. Men’s rings are a fun, stylish fashion accessory. When worn correctly, they can make a strong style statement and add a bit of intrigue to any outfit. When shopping for a ring, it is important to consider the recipient’s personal style and lifestyle. If your significant other has hinted at the type of ring they would like or even shown you an exact style, this will make the process easier. However, if your significant other is playing coy, picking the right ring can be a little more difficult. If possible, try to gauge their taste by checking out their jewellery draw or talking to them about what types of jewellery they wear. Also, pay attention to the types of events they attend and what their hobbies are like. Doing this will help you figure out whether they would prefer a minimalist, boho or classic style. From there, you can start browsing online and looking for the perfect ring. Eventually, you will find the one that is right for you and your partner. Then, you can enjoy showing off your ring to the world!

Tips For Buying Wedding Rings

Choosing wedding rings is one of the most meaningful decisions a married couple can make. They are a constant reminder of their commitment to each other, gorgeous pieces of jewelry they get to wear every day, and an important symbol of love. But they also can have other, less obvious purposes — for example, helping to prevent infidelity, which is among the leading causes of divorce. As a result, choosing a style and materials that are a good fit for both partners is essential. While classic diamond bands remain a popular choice for many couples, there are so many other ways to express your love and honor your vows with a stunning piece of jewelry. For example, some of our favorite designers are experimenting with unique gemstones and unusual materials like opal and sapphire to create beautiful rings that have the feel of art and are truly one-of-a-kind. Others are using ancient metals and heirloom stones to create new rings that can be handed down from generation to generation. And a few are even creating wedding bands with a sustainable and ethically-sourced alternative to precious metals like gold or platinum, which can help support small businesses and communities around the world. Another factor to consider when buying a wedding ring is how comfortable it is to wear, especially for a full workday. Some rings can be quite heavy, and even a little bit uncomfortable can really impact your daily routine. So when you’re shopping for a new ring, make sure to try it on with all of your everyday accessories, and make note of how it feels throughout the day. Then, take the time to visit a trusted jeweler and have your ring properly fitted, so it will be both comfortable and sturdy. “One of the most common mistakes we see is people wearing a ring that is too loose or too tight,” says Neal. “A ring should be snug enough to stay on, but not so tight that it is squeezing your hand too tightly.” If you haven’t done so already, find a jeweler who specialises in wedding rings and ask them to measure the circumference of your finger, which will then give you your ring size. Alternatively, you can wrap a thin piece of string or floss around your ring finger and mark the point where it starts to overlap, then compare that length with a ring size chart. Lastly, for a look that’s modern and relevant but also timeless, Raymond, Dukes, and Bernstein recommend Jade Trau, who’s “shaken up classic styles to keep them feeling fresh,” like the Evangeline band’s sleek knife edge and the Twig collection with its nature-inspired rough finish. Also, check out Alison Lou’s newest I Do By Lou collection for her signature whimsical aesthetic of enameled wedding bands. She’s created rings with streaks of color in pastel shades like iris purple and dusty rose.

Weddings From Space

For couples planning a wedding, a lot of thought goes into where and how they tie the knot. And while we’ve all heard of celebs opting for destination weddings, a new company is taking things a step further to make your big day truly out of this world. The first space wedding took place 16 years ago, when American Ekaterina Dmitriev married her Russian cosmonaut husband Yuri Malenchenko by video link from the International Space Station in Houston, Texas. She walked down the aisle to a David Bowie song, while his best man played the wedding march on a portable keyboard. She wore a white dress she had ordered from the most famous bridal salon in town, and he wore his standard ISS crew uniform with a bow tie. At the reception, guests were served a combination of Italian and Russian foods. There was also a giant fruit bowl with the shapes of the ISS and the space shuttle. A life-size cutout of Malenchenko greeted guests as they entered. The couple’s daughter Camilla was there as well. Yuri Malenchenko had a long career in the Russian air force and went on two more missions to the ISS. He is number two in the list of cosmonauts who have spent the most time in space, and he’s a holder of Russia’s highest award. But the wedding still had some repercussions on his career. The space agency urged him to wait until he was back on Earth to marry, citing legal complexities and Soviet-era rules that required active military officers to get permission before marrying foreign citizens. However, he had a strong desire to marry, and his family convinced him to go through with it. A few months after the wedding, he returned to Earth and reunited with his bride. They then had a traditional ceremony in Yaroslavl, in northern Russia. During their marriage, he had also gained Russian citizenship — but not American citizenship, since he hadn’t officially renounced it. In the past, there have been other weddings from space — but they’ve been private affairs. Now, a business called Space Perspective is offering to hold weddings for clients on its commercial spaceflights. According to the company’s website, a wedding on the edge of space will cost you $125,000. That includes the six-hour flight, a celebratory meal and drinks, plush seating, and interactive displays that show science data about your trip. The company is currently accepting reservations for spaceflights from 2024, and it plans to add more flights if the demand is high enough. To reserve a spot, you must pay a deposit of $10,000. So if you’re thinking of making your wedding an out-of-this-world experience, you’ll have to act fast. The rest of the details aren’t available yet. But you can watch a YouTube video of the spacecraft that will be used for the weddings below. Space Perspective was founded by two former Biosphere 2 crew members who are experts at examining the capacity of closed ecological systems to sustain human life during spaceflights.

What Is a Ring?

A ring is an item of jewelry that wraps around a finger. It can be worn for both fashion and function. There are a variety of types and styles, including signet rings, wedding bands, and engagement rings. Some rings are adorned with gems, and others may have symbols on them that represent a cause or cause that is important to the wearer. Many rings have a history of being associated with power and status, which makes them a popular accessory for men. Rings can add a pop of color to any outfit, and they are a great way to show off your personal style. It is easy to find the perfect ring for you, as there are so many choices available. You can even find a ring that represents something specific, such as your love for animals or a place that you have visited. It is also a great way to make your hands look interesting and unique. Some people are allergic to certain metals, so it is best to be cautious when selecting a ring. If you start to develop an allergy, it will be important for you to stop wearing the ring until you can determine what is causing the sensitivity. In addition, you should always wear a ring that is hypoallergenic to avoid a skin reaction. This will also help to keep you comfortable while wearing the ring. In mathematics, a ring is a generalization of the notions of Dedekind domains that occur in number theory and rings of polynomials that appear in algebraic geometry and invariant theory. It is a structure that has the properties of additive identity, associative identity, and commutative identity. It also has the property that a plus b is equal to b plus a. The ring concept is also applicable to astronomy, where it can be used to represent the rings of planets. This is especially true for Jupiter and Saturn, where the rings were first observed by astronomers after spacecraft flybys of both planets. Using this model, the astronomers were able to better understand and categorize the different structures within the rings. The ring trend is on the rise, and more and more men are starting to wear them. They can be a great way to express your individuality, as they can be designed in a variety of styles. They can be simple or bold, and can be worn with other pieces of jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets. The key is to choose a style that suits you, and to ensure that the ring fits properly. It is important to remember that your ring size can change throughout the day and even over longer timeframes. This is due to a number of factors including temperature, hormones, medication, and hydration. It is generally better to choose a ring that is slightly larger than the one that you would normally wear, as this will allow for natural changes in finger size.

Choosing Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are a symbol of love and commitment to your partner. They are exchanged by the couple during their ceremony, and they are usually simpler than engagement rings. There are many decisions to make when choosing a wedding band, including: metal type, design, and sizing. Whether you want matching rings or something unique to each of you, there is a solution that will work for everyone. When choosing a wedding ring it is important to consider the size of your finger and how comfortable the ring will be to wear for long periods of time. It is also a good idea to choose a ring that will be durable enough to last. Typically, a gold or platinum band is the most durable, but there are other options as well. Lastly, it is a good idea to purchase your wedding ring with a warranty from a trusted jeweler so that you can have it repaired if needed in the future. The choice of a wedding band is very personal and reflects your personality and style. Some people prefer a plain ring while others like to add an element of elegance with diamonds or engravings. It is a good idea to discuss the options with your partner so that you can come up with a ring that both of you will love and cherish. Many couples choose to have their wedding bands match, but this is not necessary. It is more important that you both choose a ring that suits your individual styles and is representative of your relationship. If you are having trouble finding a ring that you both love, it may be helpful to try on different metals and designs. Then you can find a perfect fit for you and your partner! While there are many benefits to wearing a wedding ring, the most obvious is that it shows the world that you and your partner are married. It is a visual reminder of your commitment to one another, and it can help prevent cheating and infidelity, which are some of the main causes of divorce. If you are looking for a wedding ring that will stand the test of time, it is essential to start shopping early. Most retailers recommend that you order your ring about three months before your wedding date so that there is plenty of time to make any necessary changes. This will allow you to avoid any delays that could occur, and it will give you more time to shop around for the best deal. In addition, it will give you ample time to test out different sizes of rings and ensure that they are comfortable. Purchasing your wedding ring is a big decision, and it is essential to take the time to do so properly. If you need any further assistance with this process, our experts are always happy to answer questions and guide you through the process. Just contact us here to get started!

Get Married in Space

If you’ve ever dreamed of getting married in outer space, a Florida-based company called Space Perspective is offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience for couples who are ready to take the plunge. Their SpaceBalloon, which launches from land or sea, takes passengers all the way to the edge of space, where they’ll have six hours to say “I do” while looking down on Earth’s third rock from the sun. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, the whole thing is actually pretty affordable – just $125,000 per person if you book a private wedding flight. And that doesn’t include the cost of the spacesuit, which is an extra $250,000 if you want to feel the full effect. Despite the fact that most people don’t have access to billions of dollars in order to pull off this kind of nuptial extravaganza, it seems like a few adventurous couples have managed to get married in space at least once or twice. In one instance, a Russian cosmonaut married his U.S.-born wife while he was on a mission in 2003. That particular wedding was a little different, however, because it was conducted via video conference with Ekaterina Gordyshko, who was sitting on the International Space Station (ISS). A bow tie and wedding ring were sent up to the ISS earlier in the day in a package on a Progress cargo spacecraft. After the ceremony ended, Yuri Malenchenko returned to Earth and his bride greeted him at the airport in Yaroslavl, Russia. The couple was used to long distance romances, as they lived in the United States and Russia while he trained for his upcoming space missions. After the wedding, they settled down and had a daughter together. The wedding on a spaceship isn’t the only one of its kind, though. Two other astronauts got married in space while on a spacewalk, and another pair tied the knot onboard the ISS in 2012. Space Perspective is also offering a more budget-friendly option for couples who can’t quite afford to fly into orbit just yet. Their Space Lounge capsule can hold nine people including the pilot, and they can even rearrange the furniture to accommodate a special event like a wedding. According to Space Perspective co-founder Jane Poynter, the waitlist for getting hitched amongst the stars is already light-years long. But she says the company will begin taking reservations in 2024 for those who are ready to take the plunge. Space Perspective offers a wide range of other out-of-this-world adventures, including a trip to the moon and even the edge of space. The latter isn’t as nerve-wracking as a full-on space flight, but it’s sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who gets the opportunity. To learn more about booking your own once-in-a-lifetime journey, check out Space Perspective’s website. And while you’re there, why not watch a few 1950s space flicks or stream footage from NASA’s Curiosity and Perseverance rovers? It will help to get you in the right frame of mind for a truly otherworldly event.

What Is a Ring?

A ring is a piece of jewelry worn on the finger. It can also refer to a circle or band that fits snugly around a part of something, such as the edge of a coin. Rings can be made from almost any hard material, including wood, bone, stone, metal, and gemstones. A ring can have any shape or size, and it can be decorated with gems or other decorative elements. A ring can also have a specific purpose, such as to signify a commitment or symbol of love. Rings have been an important accessory throughout history and across many cultures. They have been used to seal contracts and authenticate documents, signify a pledge of love, commemorate an anniversary or milestone, and mark the passing of time. They have also served as talismans to protect against evil forces and to enhance a person’s powers. Some rings are designed for particular purposes, such as birthstones or to honor a deceased loved one. Others are used as signs of affection or loyalty, such as a wedding ring or a friendship ring. They can also be worn as visual or phonetic puns, such as rebus rings with pictures or words that spell out a sentiment. The term ring can also be used to describe certain geometric figures, including circles and ellipses, or a generalized cylinder, sphere, or icosahedron. It can also refer to the general notion of a group or a field, which is fundamental to number theory and algebraic geometry. It can also be used to denote the class of polynomial rings and of skew fields, which are important in number theory, algebraic geometry, and invariant theory. The word ring can also be used to mean a quality that someone or something seems to possess, like a ring of truth. This usage is common in English, but not as common in other languages. Male rings are becoming a whole new genre of style. They are a great way to add a bold look and show off your personality. They work well with casual wear, such as a T-shirt or a blazer, or they can be paired with a formal outfit, such as an evening gown or tailored suit. To create a more eclectic look, try mixing metals or stacking rings of different sizes to match your style. For example, pairing a reclaimed wood ring with a metal-banded oxblood wooden watch will create a unique contrast. These accessories are a good choice because they are ‘trend-proof’. They will never go out of style, and they are sure to make people do a double-take. They also speak to a person’s individuality and craftsmanship. While it is still taboo for men to be seen wearing flashy or ostentatious jewellery, a ring can show that you are unique and confident. You can choose from a wide variety of rings, including men’s wooden rings. They are available in a range of styles and price points, so there is something to suit every taste.

Get Married in Space

When you’re in the midst of wedding planning, it’s important to consider your priorities and budget. Hopefully you and your partner have a clear idea of the key things that are most important to you on your big day—whether it’s stunning photos or the ability to treat all of your guests to a delicious sit-down meal. You also want to make sure that your venue can accommodate those priorities, which may mean making sure seated guests don’t have to peer around corners or roof supports in order to see one another. However, there is a way to go even further than that. A company called Space Perspective is currently allowing couples to get married in space. Its website notes that the price is a bit steep at $125,000 per seat, but those who have the money and the nerve to pull it off are welcome to book seats aboard its flagship ship, Neptune. This specialized space vessel boasts enormous windows that offer unparalleled heavenly views and can hold eight passengers and one pilot. According to the company, it’s designed to be the perfect place for a wedding. Apparently, the founders of Space Perspective are former crew members of Biosphere 2, an Arizona-based observatory that’s dedicated to testing closed ecological systems in the hopes of creating a sustainable human habitat in space. They are experts in assessing the capacity of a system to sustain life, so it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing when it comes to designing space travel. The Neptune’s windows, for example, have been described as “the largest windows ever carried into space” and can be adjusted to allow passengers to enjoy the view of Earth in any direction they like. While it’s not a requirement, the Neptune has been designed to be a fully customizable experience for each passenger. The company says that it can work with clients to adapt the capsule for their special day, including adjusting the soundtrack and lighting. And if you’re feeling ambitious, the website notes that couples can also bring along their own food and drink to add to the experience. As weddings have become increasingly unique and creative, many couples are choosing to ditch traditional venues and get married in their favorite locations instead. We’ve seen beautiful ceremonies staged beside a forest stream or in a rustic horse stable, and you can even tie the knot on top of a mountain. However, this is the first time that we’ve heard of a couple getting married in space. And we think they’ve done an excellent job of making the most out of the incredible setting. We wish them the best of luck on their cosmic journey together!

What Are Rings?

Rings are pieces of polished gold, silver or other metal shaped in a circle and worn on the fingers (and sometimes toes and through piercings in the nose and ears). In most cultures rings represent a sign of marriage or love. They also serve as an emblem of social status and authority. The study of rings dates back to the second half of the nineteenth century and was initiated by Richard Dedekind. He developed the theory of algebraic number fields, and the associated ring structure. His work was important because it paved the way for algebraic geometry, a subject that continues to be of great significance today. The term ring is also used to describe a generalized Lie group, which has an operation analogous to addition and multiplication that does not require the existence of inverses. These operations are known as Lie gcds, and they are an important part of the theory of finite groups, as well as the theory of representations. There are many different types of rings, and most are made from precious metals such as gold or silver. They can be simple and plain, or they can be adorned with gemstones or other ornaments. Many rings are engraved with special messages or symbols. In ancient Egypt, for example, people wore signet rings engraved with the name and titles of their owners, or with an effigy of their deceased owner. They also wore ringed talismans, called amulets, to protect them from evil spirits. Some rings, such as the promise ring, are given to romantic partners as a symbol of commitment to a monogamous relationship. They can be a precursor to an engagement ring. They are traditionally worn on the left index finger of the wearer. This is the traditional position, but it is not universally observed and some wearers choose to place the ring elsewhere on the hand. Other types of rings are more personal, such as memorial or posy rings, which are engraved with the names and dates of a loved one who has died. In some cultures, the dead were buried wearing their own rings, which were passed down to their descendants and can still be seen in archaeological digs. There is no guaranteed way to guess a person’s ring size, but there are some methods that may work. For example, a person can borrow another woman’s ring to see what size it is, or they can ask her friends if they know her ring size. In addition, there are some average ring sizes for women that can be used as a guideline.

How Wedding Rings Have Changed Over Time

A wedding ring is a constant reminder of the commitment that two people make to one another. It’s also a symbol of their love and a promise that they’ll be together forever. Over the years, wedding rings have evolved to reflect different styles and themes, but they’ve always remained an important part of many marriages and relationships. The circle shape of a wedding ring symbolizes infinite, never-ending love. The ring is also typically made of gold, which is a precious metal that carries monetary value and doesn’t tarnish or attract dirt—which is a metaphor for the durability and beauty of a marriage. Choosing the right ring is just as important as picking the right person to marry. A lot of thought goes into finding the perfect ring for a couple, and it’s best to start searching for one as early as possible to ensure that it will be ready for the big day. Purchasing the wedding band in advance will also allow for any sizing issues to be fixed so that the rings will fit perfectly and won’t cause any discomfort or irritation. Before the industrialization of diamonds, a popular material for engagement and wedding rings was pearls. Pearls are often used as a symbol of purity and innocence, and they also represent the eternal bond of true love. Pearls are delicate and require special care to maintain their beauty, but they can last a long time with regular cleaning and maintenance. Pearls can also be reshaped to make them more stylish and modern. Many brides choose to have their wedding and engagement rings set with diamonds, but there are many other options out there as well. For example, some women prefer emeralds, sapphires, rubies, or amethyst for their wedding bands. They may even opt for a more unusual gemstone, such as opals or jade, if they prefer. As the world became more globalized, wedding bands began to take on a more universal appeal. For example, the Victorian-era (1837-1901) saw a rise in wedding rings that were more lavish than ever before, with elaborate designs and exotic gems, according to Brilliant Earth. And during the 1920s and 1930s, Art Deco was all the rage, influencing art, architecture, home decor, fashion, and jewelry. It was around this time that we began seeing more and more couples wearing matching his-and-hers wedding rings. Today, most wedding rings are still made of gold or other precious metals and feature diamonds, but they can be found in a wide variety of colors, styles, and widths to suit any couple’s personal preferences. Some people even choose to have their partner’s birthstones set in the ring to keep them close to them at all times. Whatever you decide to do, it’s a good idea to wear your wedding and engagement rings at all times, except for when you are cleaning or doing other physical activities, going to the gym, or before you go to bed. Doing so shows others that you are committed to your spouse and that you’re not easily distracted by other people or temptations.