Wedding Planner for an Outer Space Wedding

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Wedding Planner for an Outer Space Wedding

The Space Wedding is a spectacular wedding, which takes place at sea and was even seen in an episode of Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan. The wedding is platformed above a silver colored ship and with several alien ships surrounding it as protective shields. No planet was known to have been able to support life as the Enterprise had, so the wedding was actually in outer space. There were two lead characters who were chosen for their extraordinary talents, thus the marriage of these two was to produce the first official marriage ceremony between humans. However, in many different cultures this marriage is considered sacred and is seen only among the upper echelon of society.

A space wedding by definition is one where neither husband nor wife is present. The groom can be a person of any gender and the bride can be either male or female and either of them can live on the marriage vessel or just below it. One can choose to go up to around 100 kilometers above the planet or just above the Sol system or the outer reaches of the solar system. There is also the choice between a conventional marriage ceremony and going for an out of space wedding ceremony which is obviously more exotic and romantic. These choices are all made according to the personal likes and dislikes of the couple and there is no exact date as to when these marriages must take place.

The first decision that has to be taken in case of a space wedding is the wedding venue. There are different venues that are suitable for weddings and these depend upon the amount of space that is available. For instance, if the wedding happens to take place on a boat then obviously the boat cannot be fitted with a bar or a dance floor. Thus, the decision that has to be taken is whether the wedding venue is going to be indoors or outdoors. In both cases the guests would have the option to choose the type of wedding venue that they like best according to their budget and the weather.

The other important decision that has to be taken in case of a wedding in outer space is the wedding invitation. One can send out wedding invitations for outer space weddings on the internet or through various media. Some couples even take the option of designing their own wedding invitations by taking a piece of paper and putting a picture of a starry sky on it. This is obviously very difficult but the couple can use a piece of paper, a pencil and a marker and make a unique invitation for their marriage ceremony.

The cosmonaut that happens to be the wedding planner for the occasion will basically coordinate the arrangements made for the wedding ceremony and then send them off to the space station. The first space wedding happened in Russia back in 2021 where the couple was from Russia and the wedding took place on the Russian Soyuz. The wedding took place exactly on schedule and all the arrangements were made in accordance to the plan. They were even able to get the traditional wedding invitation six months ahead of time. Even though it was an international space station wedding, no problem was found as the cosmonaut was able to plan the wedding in such a way that it also featured the stars.

This is just one example of how a traditional wedding can take place on an international space station. There are many more examples that can be used for planning a unique marriage ceremony in outer space. It will all depend upon the creativity of the bride and groom. A cosmonaut would basically help to plan the wedding ceremony that will take place in space. It is up to the bride and groom to organize the whole affair from the beginning to the end.