Ancient History and Modern Trends

wedding rings

Ancient History and Modern Trends

A wedding ring or wedding bands is simply a finger band that symbolizes that its holder is engaged. Usually, it is made from gold or some other precious metal and is traditionally hammered by an expert craftsman. Today, it can be custom-made and personalized using gemstones and special design. In the past, wedding bands were often made by individual couples. However, in most modern weddings, a band is given to the bride along with her engagement ring.

In ancient times, gold rings were commonly worn by royalty. Gold has always been known to be a perfect stone and also symbolized power, luxury and status. The influence of the ancients can be seen today in most modern wedding rings.

The most popular wedding ring styles are: solitaire, five-stone, three-stone, and engagement rings. Solitaire rings are the most simple of all styles. They are usually plain or flush with the ring surface. Five-stone rings have several diamonds or other gems set around the center in a row. Three-stone styles are similar to a solitaire, except that there are two other stones on top of the center stone. These are usually smaller than the center stone.

Engagement rings are made of two different materials: gold and platinum. In the past, diamond engagement rings were the most popular, but since then, other precious metals such as white gold have become popular. White gold is a cheaper alternative to platinum, which makes it a great choice for many people. Since platinum is a harder metal than gold, platinum engagement rings tend to scratch easier than gold rings do. For this reason, it is suggested that platinum is used in place of white gold in engagements, especially for those who are getting married in the summer.

Three-stone rings are very similar to solitaire engagement rings, except that there are two other stones, usually diamonds or rubies, placed above and/or below the center stone. This style is also a cheaper alternative to solitaires, making it popular for those getting married in the summer. Because rubies are a bit more expensive than diamonds, you can usually find them cheaper in three-stone engagement rings. You can even find three-stone rings with one single diamond or other gemstone, which is a little less expensive than having two diamonds on top and one or two rubies or other gems on top.

Wedding bands are available in all different styles and sizes. There are small bands, large bands, and thick bands. Thin bands are popular because they are easy to wear. However, if you want something heavier, you can get rings that are made of gold, silver, or platinum. You can also opt for a custom design for your wedding band. Some of the most popular wedding bands include:

Wedding rings aren’t only used for engagements. In fact, they are worn by almost every woman throughout her lifetime. They are often given as gifts, especially to loved ones who are not currently engaged. Women tend to like rings that have sentimental value, since diamonds are commonly given as gifts to close friends and family members. The most common material for rings in the ancient world were metals such as gold, silver, copper, tin, lead, and eventually lead-free metals. The left hand ring finger was actually a sign of authority, much like the traditional wedding band.