Engagement Ring Styles and Designs for Men and Women

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Engagement Ring Styles and Designs for Men and Women

Wedding rings or wedding bands are usually a small finger ring that signifies that its holder is already married. It’s usually made of gold, and in most cases is forged from platinum or some other precious metal. But contrary to the belief, it doesn’t have to be white anymore. These days there are many wedding bands available in yellow, rose, pink, light blue and even green color. In addition, there are even more wedding rings available in different styles, shapes and designs. For sure, this will surely please your spouse.

These rings are often given as gifts between couples to each other as a sign of their commitment to each other. These rings can also symbolize the bond of one another before they marry. Yes, many consider engagement ring and wedding bands as one another; meaning that it should also be special, just like the love that the two lovers share for each other.

Engagement ring styles and designs vary because of the latest fashion trends. However, these styles and designs have been very common since time immemorial. And it’s not only men who are wearing these types of rings these days. Women too are wearing these types of bands to show their dedication to their spouses. Not only men but women too are now choosing from a wide variety of gemstones and styles when choosing for their engagement ring and wedding bands. Here are some of the popular ring styles and designs that are currently worn by many people:

Diamond Rings – The most popular of all engagement and wedding rings. Generally, diamond rings are worn by women because of their elegance and beauty. Men mostly choose from silver and golden colored bands. A diamond ring set on gold can look gorgeous, but those who prefer it to be on silver or gold is really very rare. When you buy it, you have to make sure that the setting of your choice is the best.

White Gold Rings – The best choice if you would like something in a different metal than yellow gold. In addition, they look stunning with platinum, which is becoming the new favorite metal of couples today. 14k gold is the best option if you are on a tight budget. These rings are available in diamond or with any other gemstone as well. However, 14k white gold rings cannot be resized to suit the finger size of most women.

Another choice for women is platinum bands. Since platinum is hypoallergenic, wearing these kinds of engagement rings can help reduce skin allergies. The price is also much more reasonable than yellow gold or diamond rings. Platinum also has a high quality of clarity, which makes it excellent for use in making wedding bands. Many women prefer to wear white gold and platinum wedding bands, especially when the occasion is formalized.