Rings – How to Choose the Right One

A ring is simply a flat, circular band, typically made of metal, worn either as traditional ornamental jewelry or as a functional jewelry item. The word “ring” on its own denotes only jewelry worn on the hand; when worn elsewhere, the word is defined within the term, i.e., rings, toe rings, wrist rings, finger rings, earrings and neck rings. Historically, the ring was worn on only one finger at all times; as a sign of respect to senior members of the family and as an affirmation of loyalty to a spouse. Today, rings are often worn by both men and women.

Men wear rings on their left hands more than on any other finger. Rings can also be worn by women on any finger. Men’s rings tend to be smaller and studded with stones, while women’s rings tend to be larger and are often simple. The various ring styles include flat bands (often gold or silver), three-stone rings, four- or five-stone rings and filigree or floral rings.

For both men and women, rings play an important role in fashion. Styles can vary depending on the occasion and the personality of the wearer. In general, men’s rings tend to be more elegant and make a strong statement of individualism while women’s rings tend to be more fashionable and often carry more decorative stones or gems.

The materials from which rings are made range dramatically. Men’s rings can be made of stainless steel, titanium, black gold, yellow gold and silver. Women’s rings can be made of platinum, diamond, black gold, yellow gold and even some silver. Most rings today are designed for both men and women, although there are some rings specifically designed for each sex.

The cost of rings also varies greatly. Some rings are extremely expensive such as engagement rings and wedding rings and will set you back quite a lot of money. Other less expensive rings may be available to buy at many shops. Rings can also be custom made according to your specific needs. Some jewelers will be happy to make rings that fit exactly, taking care of the obvious discomfort that most people have when wearing them.

The cost of rings also varies depending on whether they are made to order or are mass produced. Mass produced rings often come in sets or can be purchased individually. The more unique or unusual the ring, the more it will cost. It is interesting to note that men have been wearing rings for centuries and women have always had rings especially in the Victorian and Edwardian times. Ring wear has always been popular and will continue to be so.