The Wedding Ring For Men

Wearing rings is a sign of affection for both genders and it is no longer restricted to the ‘manly’ men. There are plenty of jewelers offering custom-made wedding rings for men, which can be designed to suit the taste of the wearer. The traditional style of rings comes in a plain band or with a design incorporated. These rings are made from a variety of metals including; gold, silver, platinum, titanium and copper. The cost depends on the metal chosen and is determined by the size and the intricacy of the design.

Wedding rings for men are available for the budget-conscious couple. If there is no stipulation for the ring budget, then the individual can choose his favourite metal. Platinum, a hard, sturdy metal, is the most popular choice of wedding rings. Titanium and silver, both light metals, are also used to create men’s rings.

Men’s wedding rings are designed to accentuate the wrist and fingers and some designs can be very stylish and masculine. Silver rings look good with the casual shirt worn with jeans, buttons up the front with the wedding ring on the finger is an edgy look that is currently fashionable. In a recent survey, 24 percent of all UK adults said they would like to have more than one ring, indicating the continuing popularity of customized rings.

Custom designed rings are now available in a range of materials, styles and shapes, including; gemstones, acrylic, wood, stainless steel and titanium. A titanium ring has a modern look and many men opt for this type of ring. Customized wedding rings for men can be set with precious stones including; rubies, diamonds, pearls, emeralds, topaz and semi-precious stones. Some rings incorporate birthstone crystals into their design.

The UK jewelry market offers a wide range of men’s wedding rings and you can have your rings designed according to your personal preference. Many online retailers offer round, rectangular or square rings for men. Customized wedding rings are created to measure the finger and are often in a jeweler’s studio. The cost depends on the materials used as well as the amount of customization desired. Rings can also be made to order and you can custom order engraving of initials or names.

Wedding rings for men can be purchased from most reputable jewelry stores and through online sources. A popular and traditional option is a three stone ring, usually set with the wedding date, the month of birth and the birthstone. Modern rings can incorporate other stones such as diamonds or other gemstones with intricate designs. Men’s wedding rings can also be custom designed to incorporate sports or adventurous activities or be studded with precious stones.