Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings

A wedding ring or wedding band, is basically a finger ring which basically signifies that its wearer is already married. Typically, it is usually made of silver or some other precious metal and is forged on an iron or steel. The meaning is simple, the more expensive your ring is the better your love relationship is. It is said that the ring has a direct connection with the wearer’s spouse or partner. Thus, many couples are very careful about choosing their wedding rings. Some even take a lot of time to select the perfect ring.

Most of the couples prefer to go for platinum wedding rings, or white gold. A few of them also go for yellow gold. Silver is also used for less expensive wedding rings. White gold also has its own benefits, it is highly durable and does not tarnish, and it can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Another thing about white gold is that you can wear it to any occasion whether formal or informal. Gold and platinum are harder, but not as durable as diamonds.

Now-a-days, wedding rings are designed keeping in mind the gender of the wearer. A lot of women like wearing heavier wedding bands as compared to men, as they feel it gives them a stronger grip. Men also wear lighter wedding rings than women, as they feel that thicker bands give them a stronger grip.

It has been noticed that wedding rings are worn differently in various cultures. In western cultures, for example, a groom often places wedding rings on his wife’s index finger, while a bride puts hers on her ring finger. In eastern societies, which are more traditional, the bride wears the wedding band on the fourth finger of her left hand, which according to Indian culture, is closer to the heart. Some men even wear wedding rings after they divorce, or after they remarry. Even for some women, who believe that they would not like to have a single wedding ring throughout their lives, they buy a second wedding band to wear on their right hand.

Women usually prefer wedding rings with their fingers inlaid with precious stones such as diamonds, pearl, and sapphire. However, there are many men who wear white or yellow gold wedding rings, as they feel that they look better. The size of a woman’s fingers also varies, with larger digits usually appearing on the bigger side of the ring finger. For men, the popular size is the one called “letter” (which looks like the letter “C” in Latin) and the smaller “ring” finger. The size of the diamond is also important.

Before purchasing, it is very important to consider your budget. The cost of gold wedding rings, including engagement rings and wedding rings can range from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars or even more. The cost also depends on the metal used. For example, platinum and white gold are slightly more expensive than yellow gold. If you are trying to plan for your marriage, or just want to make sure that you will have enough money for all the items needed for the wedding, shopping online can be very convenient and very efficient, since there are many reputable online stores that can provide all the needed information about wedding rings, including prices and engagement rings that are available in the market today.