Destination Wedding – A Unique Wedding Experience

space wedding

Destination Wedding – A Unique Wedding Experience

The Space Wedding is a big wedding which will take place in outer space. It’s set in space and was the first ever seen on television in the series “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan.” The wedding takes place on a white, hostile planet and is platformed above a massive ship and several other alien vessels as protection. The wedding happens six months in advance to the wedding, which takes place six months in advance.

The wedding party can travel to the planet of spaced beings in order to get married. But first they must clear off the ship from the attacking aliens and destroy any remaining human life. The wedding is to be an event like no other and will probably be the only outer space wedding ever. A wedding in outer space will involve the exchanging of matrimony vows and a firing of all the missiles into the giant space ship or some other space ship. In the movie “yson”, there is mention of using a nuclear explosion to blow up the wedding. The explosion of a nuclear warhead at the end of the big wedding ceremony will be spectacular indeed.

The cost of the space wedding is not very expensive. It would be similar to a cruise for about ten thousand dollars per person. One hundred kilometers in a rocket plane is about three hundred thousand dollars. The cost of having everything on the outer space vehicle would be about seven hundred thousand dollars.

The best thing about space wedding would be that you and your spouse will not have to leave your home for the six month period which is involved with a traditional wedding. You and your husband or wife can live on board the passenger craft for the six month trip. Your wedding planner can make sure that the whole wedding planning is done well before the voyage and the preparations can be done by the passengers who will fly to your destination. All the entertainment needs to be well prepared as well.

Since the whole event takes place in outer space, you can do many things like having a lot of flowers, live music, dancing, videoing etc. Since it will be in raw space, the food should also be nutritious so that the astronauts can eat healthy too. For the wedding venue, you and your planner can look around for a raw space station or a star ship. A starship wedding venue can provide many wonderful venues for the wedding.

The wedding planner can take care of all the arrangements and can even get you a deal on the ticket. These venues are more expensive than the conventional ones. However, the Outer Space Station cannot be compared with a conventional wedding venue. It has a special charm all its own. Since the outer space travel has become easier by the day, you can have your wedding anywhere in this vast space.