Wedding Rings – Wearing Your Dream Ring On Your Wedding Day

A wedding ring or wedding set is a simple finger ring, usually made of silver, that signifies that its holder is married. In general it is made of white gold or another white precious metal and is hammered flat. The wedding rings on the fingers are usually worn on either the left or right hand, depending on which finger the ring is worn.

Wearing a wedding ring on the left hand ring finger was once a tradition dating back to Roman times. However in modern times left handed people often wear a wedding band on the right hand. This is probably because in ancient times the two hands were joined together as one, or it may simply be the habit of wearing a wedding ring on the left hand. Alternatively the change may have been started by accident when one of the members of the wedding party happened to be right handed and so began to wear a wedding ring on the right hand.

In ancient times Egypt was renowned for the craftsmanship of its citizens. In particular gemstones were very prized, and so were the wedding rings. They were often made of rare rubies, emeralds and sapphires. The tradition of wearing diamond wedding rings in Egypt can be traced back to Kingps Haadi’s reign which occurred during the 15th century BC. Prior to that period, no jewels were worn by Egyptians, but after his consolidation of the lands into kingdoms of various hereditary kings, his soldiers wore diamond rings as symbols of their military superiority and thus loyalty to their king.

The use of diamonds dates back to biblical times, when they are said to symbolize paradise, love and eternity. However, with time the use of diamonds and other precious stones to symbolize these meanings has varied. For instance, rings containing rubies and other precious stones have increasingly become a popular choice with Egyptians today, while interlocking bands with diamonds have historically held more meaning than plain bands without gemstones. Some of the most famous Egyptian diamond engagement rings are those which display both an interlocking band with a diamond on the ring face and a matching band of rubies at the center.

While it is customary to wear wedding rings on the right hand ring finger, this is not the only finger that should bear them. The fourth finger, also known as the ring finger, may also be worn in this manner. This finger is actually an extension of the wearer’s middle finger, so when worn in this fashion, it overlaps the third, second and first finger. Wearing a wedding band on this finger enables more of the diamond to be seen. Because of the interlocking design, a wedding ring on this finger usually has a larger size than those worn on other fingers.

Because of the symbolism that goes along with wearing wedding rings, it is important that they are chosen with care. Those who choose to do their own wedding rings shopping may become easily frustrated by the numerous options available, which are often of lower quality and craftsmanship then what is expected of a jeweler. Rings that are designed specifically for wearing on the right hand may have an entirely different look, meaning that it may be necessary to try several different styles before finding the one which provides the perfect look for you and your fiance. While there is no wrong way to shop for your wedding rings, those who choose to take on the responsibility of purchasing such an important piece of jewelry should make sure that they take into consideration all of the aspects that are important to them before making any purchases.