Wedding Rings – A Symbol of Love and Commitment

Wedding rings are not only a symbol of love and commitment between a couple, but they also signify the union of their families. Historically, grooms used to present the bride and her family with costly and stylish wedding bands as proof that they were fully devoted to one another and would never back out of the marriage.

During the time of Ancient Egypt, rings were made from reeds and plants found along the Nile and were shaped into circles. The Egyptians believed that the circle represented eternity and a doorway to the afterlife. Today, we use rings as a way to display our devotion to each other and that we are not available to anyone else. Infidelity is among the top reasons for divorce, so it’s important to wear your wedding band to show others that you are definitely off the market and committed to your partner.

There are many different types of wedding bands to choose from, and it’s up to each couple to decide what style suits them best. Some like a more contemporary, sleek look with a wide, flat band while others prefer a more classic ring that curves snugly around an engagement ring. Still others opt for unique variations, like a band with a row of parallel baguettes or mismatched stones that are set at skewed angles. Some rings even feature a row of diamonds running down the center to symbolize eternal love.

In addition to the design of your ring, you should also consider the material and color. Gold is the traditional choice for wedding bands, but platinum is a superior metal that will last for generations. It’s hypoallergenic and incredibly durable. Its natural white color will not fade, and it can be replated to keep it looking shiny and new. Another option for a durable but stylish ring is titanium. It’s a stronger and lighter metal that is able to withstand the elements, including chlorine and salt water, without scratching or warping.

Some people find the look of a plain ring to be too simplistic and may want to add some personalization, such as engraving their initials or wedding date, or incorporating an heirloom diamond into their bespoke ring. This is easier to do with a simple ring that has larger, smooth surfaces than an intricately designed ring. A simple ring is also more practical and may be cheaper to have repolished or reworked down the line.

If you’re in the market to buy a wedding ring, you should start shopping early so that you can try on lots of different styles. Create a Pinterest board of all the rings you like, and visit jewelry stores to see what feels right on your hand. It’s also a good idea to get an idea of your budget so that you don’t exceed it. And don’t forget that you can always return or exchange a ring if it’s not the perfect fit. You can also consider using a website that lets you customize your own ring to find a piece that is uniquely yours.