Get Married on the Edge of Space

As wedding venues get booked up and more couples want to make their special day truly unique, some have been turning to unconventional spaces like forests, mountaintops, and even shipping containers. But what about getting hitched on the edge of space? A company called Space Perspective is selling a once-in-a-lifetime experience that lets couples say “I do” while looking down on our planet.

The six-hour Neptune journey will carry passengers 100,000 feet above Earth before lowering them back to it, which is more than enough time for the ceremony and a short reception, reports CNN Travel. It costs $125,000 per seat, which may be out of reach for many brides and grooms.

While it is a bit pricey, the idea of being able to say you got married on the edge of space makes this out-of-this-world venue an interesting option for those who are ready to take a risk and do something different. Founded by two former crew members of Biosphere 2 — an Earth system scientific research facility in Arizona that studied the feasibility of closed ecological systems to sustain life during outer space voyages — Space Perspective’s Neptune capsule has enormous windows that offer a breath-taking view of our home planet below.

Aside from being an out-of-this-world location, the SpaceBalloon offers other amenities like drinks, comfortable chairs to sit in while watching the view, and Wi-Fi so guests can FaceTime or livestream the ceremony if they can’t attend. The company also notes that the Space Lounge can only hold nine people including the pilot, so if you have more than a handful of loved ones who you’d love to share this experience with, it might not be feasible.

If a space wedding isn’t quite in your future, you can still incorporate some of the fun into your nuptials by using decor that evokes feelings of romance and adventure. Chancey Charm Charleston wedding planner Samantha Wiley recommends draping the ceiling in your event space to create a feeling of intimacy. “By draping the ceiling, you’re moving your line of sight down which gives the illusion of a smaller space,” she says. Other ideas include hanging lanterns, flowers and greenery on the walls, or using a canopy of lights to set an intimate vibe.

Choosing the right-sized event space isn’t always easy, but knowing what to look for and what to avoid can help. Wedding planners can help by sending photos of the space without any added decorations, as well as recommending vendors that have worked at the venue in the past.

Lastly, checking with the event space coordinator to see if they can connect you with a wedding officiant could save some extra planning time for you. Most wedding event spaces will let you know if an officiant is included in the rental fee, but if not, it’s worth asking about who can provide this service for you. If your venue can’t do this, a local wedding officiant will likely be able to help.