What Is a Ring?


The term “ring” refers to jewelry worn on the fingers. The term also applies to other body parts. A ring must fit snugly around the body part to be considered a ring. It can be made of any hard material and may have stones or other precious gems set into it. But what exactly is a ring? Let’s explore some of the most common rings. Listed below are some tips for choosing the right ring for you.

If the Earth were to orbit another planet, the sun would be in the same plane as the rings during equinoxes. That would make the Earth’s shadow stretch across the rings at middle latitudes and plunge large parts of the rings into darkness. At the equator, however, the rings would divide the sun, casting a dramatic shadow across half of the globe. However, this scenario is unlikely. But it may be possible that rings formed on Mars in this way.

Commutativeness of rings is important for understanding how they behave. Rings that admit division by non-zero elements are called fields. And the simplest commutative rings are known as fields. Unlike their non-commutative counterparts, commutative rings admit addition by any two elements. This is what makes them so valuable to mathematical study. Similarly, the most common properties of commutative rings are commutative sets.

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