What’s So Special About Wedding Rings?

wedding rings

While traditional gold and silver wedding bands are still a popular choice, modern rings can be made from all sorts of interesting materials. While plenty of couples opt for diamond engagement rings, there are now countless rings made from whiskey barrel wood, Colorado elk antler, Celtic tartan wool, and even handcrafted leather. Not only are these unusual materials beautiful, but they can also last for decades. Read on to discover more about these rings. And don’t forget to ask your jeweler about their repair services.

There are many meanings behind wedding rings. In addition to symbolizing love, rings are also symbols of eternity and fidelity. In ancient times, ancient Egyptian Pharaohs exchanged rings featuring a circle shape and the Ouroboros symbol, which represents life in its perpetual cycle. Later, Greek and Roman cultures adopted the symbol and added Cupid motifs. The Romans also used rings during wedding ceremonies. They were most popularly made of copper or iron. Moreover, the key motif represented the marriage of two people who would stay together forever.

The width of a wedding band determines the overall appearance of the ring. In classic collections, bands are between 1.6 and 3.4mm for ladies and three to sixmm for men. While this provides ample coverage, bold designs require thicker bands. Likewise, subtle designs can benefit from thinner bands. You can also change the style of the ring by opting for a different style. However, if you do not want to change the design, you can remove the old engraving. However, it may weaken the ring.

Engagement and wedding rings are two different types of rings. Initially, an engagement ring is given during the proposal, while a wedding band is exchanged at the wedding ceremony. Engagement rings are typically more elaborate, often featuring a diamond in the center. Wedding bands, on the other hand, are simple and more understated. However, the wedding ring is more common and is generally smaller than an engagement ring. And they’re used together as a symbol of love.

Wearing a wedding ring is an ancient tradition. Romans believed that a vein of love ran through the left fourth finger. This idea made the left hand the logical place for a wedding ring. Today, this tradition is still practiced in many cultures. You’ll be surprised to learn that ancient cultures have adapted to modern wedding traditions! This is a perfect example of how far our traditions have come! The tradition of wearing a wedding ring is as old as human civilization.