Can A Wedding Take Place In Outer Space?

space wedding

Can A Wedding Take Place In Outer Space?

The Space Wedding is basically a wedding which takes place somewhere in the future. It’s set in space and first appeared in the series “graybles 1000+.” In this series, the wedding itself is platformed above a giant ship and with several alien vessels surrounding it as cover. There are a few ways in which this concept has been brought into the world, and some of these ideas have been explored.

One way in which we can think of a space wedding is to take the idea of a marriage ceremony on an outer space craft. In fact, many sci-fi novels do feature this set up, particularly those written by Arthur C Clarke. In these stories, the couple is taken to their wedding in a life-sized capsule or their marriage is simply a space bond. These types of marriages have also been featured in outer space shows on TV.

Another way in which we can think of a space wedding is a corporate event taking place on a balloon. These can be held off-site at different sites in various parts of the country, and they tend to be larger and more expensive than traditional weddings. A balloon wedding can take place as the guests wait for the Soyuz launch. After the rocket has launched, the couples are then launched to their destination, where they exchange garlands and the exchanging of wedding rings (which is often symbolic of the union).

A third way in which we can think of a space wedding is a U.S. citizen who is married in outer space. The most famous case was reportedly between cosmonauts Mark Watney and NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin. In this case, Watney (a U.S. citizen) and Aldrin (a Russian cosmonaut) were said to have tied the knot in front of their Soyuz launch vehicle. The marriage was officially confirmed by NASA. Similarly, American football player David Bowie and his wife, Isolda, reportedly tied the knot on an orbital space craft during one of their many space flights.

A fourth way in which we could think of a space wedding involves celebrities. George and Gracie Starfox, and Brittney Spears and her hubby Brad Pitt are just a few of the many stars who have been married in outer space. More recently, pop star Ke$ha was married in front of her space ship on a remote planet. Even supermodel Victoria Beckham reportedly had an elaborate wedding ceremony on an alien planet.

An interesting aspect of some of these space weddings is that they can take place while the cosmonaut is on board a U.S.S. space ship or while he or she is on a Russian mission to the moon or to Mars. It would seem to suggest that a space wedding, if it can be called a wedding at all, can take place anywhere, as long as it happens in an outer space. Please consider all this.