Ringing Around a Planet

If you are a guy, you must know how to wear rings in a way that they won’t be a hassle to remove after a few hours of wearing them on your finger. A ring is typically a circular band, normally made of precious metal, usually gold or silver, worn on the fourth finger as an ornamental jewelry. The word “ring” on its own always means jewelry worn on the fifth finger; however, when worn in another body part, such as the neck, earrings, or toe rings, the whole body part is defined in the term, e.g., rings, finger rings, earrings, wrist bands, etc. To put it simply, a ring worn on a certain finger indicates that particular finger or fingers are where the ring is to be found; likewise, a ring worn on another finger indicates where the other finger is to be found. Wearing a ring on the right (ringy) ring finger indicates that the finger is owned by someone with the same sex; wearing a ring on a left (ringy) finger indicates ownership by a person of the opposite sex. The wearing of a ring varies from culture to culture, and even from day to day.

Rings have been worn by people since ancient times. The Egyptians actually practiced the ancient art of body jewelry, as evidenced by numerous rings found among their burial mummies. Egyptians also were the first to use gold as a valuable metal. In fact, gold has been used as the standard currency throughout the ancient world. Therefore, many Egyptians would wear gold necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even gold rings.

Rings in particular have come a long way since the ancient Egyptian times. Early civilizations like the Aztecs wore teardrops for rings and wreaths. The Mayans also wore large disks encrusted with jewels around their fingers. However, nothing compares to the exquisite beauty that a precious diamond ring can provide.

A ring system may be described as a type of a halo, or “helix”. Rings are made up of a combination of three metals, namely: gold (the most common), silver, and titanium. All of these metals vibrate at different frequencies, which is how they give off the “rings” effect. The way in which the metals vibrate is due to the orbital motion that each of the three metals experiences when it is placed within the Earth’s orbit.

There are many theories behind how rings form. It has been speculated that the rings formed because of the inner planet where the moon is located, or the moon itself wobbling on its orbit around the planet. One theory suggests that if a moon is very near its own planet, its gravity will cause it to slightly tug on the moon making it wobble, which then causes the small particles of the outer space to collate and make into rings. This is why, when the Apollo astronauts visited the moon they found large rocks on the moon that had once been made out of ice by the planet’s gravity.

Saturn is one of the gas giant planets that have rings as a result of their close proximity to their star. Many scientists believe that Saturn’s rings were created when icy particles from the planet’s atmosphere cooled and locked together. Some have even speculate that the rings were caused when the giant planet was being torn apart by another planet or comet. In any case, if you have your eye on a Saturn, it will soon get brighten and begin displaying its own unique rings.