What Are The Best Materials To Use For Wedding Rings?

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What Are The Best Materials To Use For Wedding Rings?

Wedding rings or wedding bands are a symbolic finger ring which usually signifies that its holder is engaged. In old times it was always worn on the left hand ring finger. However, over time the right has taken over the left as more couples wear a wedding band on their right hand. It is normally forged of silver or another precious metal, and is often molded into a diamond shape. It may be made from many precious metals or just one to suit the occasion. Some wedding bands are very simple with just the couple’s names engraved, while others have elaborate engravings or designs.

There are many different styles of wedding rings. They are classified according to their finish or polish: satin, brushed, bezel, or claw. The bezel style is the most common in modern jewellery making. The term ‘quetra’ in Italian originates from the Latin for claw, and the name has stuck due to the similarity of the design to the bird that nests in the bezel – the echidna.

Gemstones or diamonds are the most common materials for wedding rings. Many couples choose an eternity band made from white gold, yellow gold or platinum. However, there is nothing written in stone that says how much one should spend, so budgets and individual preferences reign supreme. For example, an eternity ring could cost a fortune but it’s still completely gorgeous. Brides tend to base their choice of precious metals on their fairytale wedding story – either that or a feeling of their love for each other.

Egyptians revered the golden wedding ring, sometimes also referred to as the Fede Ring. It is believed that the Egyptians wanted to keep away evil spirits with which they had a relationship, possibly evil associations with the colour gold. Egyptian gold is thought to be particularly pure and valuable because it is so hard to forge. This may explain why Egyptian symbols are incorporated into some of the designs. Among the many styles, a basket weave of precious stones including onyx, jasper and aquamarine was worn by Cleopatra.

The tradition of wearing wedding rings represents a long and rich history. This is evident throughout history. Not only was it common for females to wear rings during marriage, but they were also often worn by men. Rings represent the couple’s love and devotion to one another. Wearing a symbol of this togetherness for an occasion as special as a wedding is a way to cement the relationship and assure future commitment.

Since diamond wedding rings dates back to biblical times, they have always been associated with love and romance. However, the use of other precious metals in the design was not common until the 19th century. Today, they remain popular and can be seen on a wide variety of people’s rings. The use of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and titanium has made them even more popular throughout history.