A Space Wedding – How to Have it on the International Space Station

A space wedding is a hybrid between a wedding and a traditional wedding ceremony. It uses the same type of space-themed decor, but the actual ceremony and reception are held in some other location instead of at the bride and groom’s home or in a church. This type of wedding can be especially fun because it offers the option to have a traditional wedding ceremony and reception, or to keep it more “mysterious” by having an intimate ceremony in another location altogether. Here are some ideas for wedding march orders for a space wedding.

If you are planning a space wedding, then one of the first considerations should be where to hold it. Can you rent some outside space for your wedding? Some venues offer tent rental services for weddings under 25 people, while others may even offer wedding wraps for less than a day. Wedding tents are very nice because they give you the opportunity to choose an outer space that works for your wedding. Some places will even allow you to bring your own tent, if space allows.

If you do choose to rent an outer space for your wedding, then make sure to check out wedding planner Tony Borsani for more information. He offers many helpful tips on how to plan an elegant wedding without breaking your budget. When hiring a wedding planner, be sure to also check out his other services, like flower shops, photographers, videographers, etc. All of these services will help make your space wedding as beautiful as possible, taking place in an unobtrusive manner.

One great idea for a unique space wedding is to rent a balloon. You can purchase a pre-owned balloon that you can fill with helium at a dollar or two per pound, or you can rent a new balloon for less than one dollar per pound. The choice is yours, really. The best part about a balloon ceremony is that you don’t have to worry about it weighing too much, as long as it’s not too heavy (such as an inflatable).

One fun and innovative way to have a wedding on the smallish scale is to have a space flight simulator wedding. A space flight simulator is basically a computer game that simulates space travel. It has everything you need to create a wedding in a universe of your own design, complete with real locations and starry sky backgrounds. The only problem is that not every one on this planet is comfortable flying a space ship, which is why you may want to rent a cosmonaut, who can fly your simulated wedding spacecraft.

If you are not interested in purchasing a new space ship, you might want to consider using a professionally made video link. Some people hire a video artist or two to make a video tour of the different locations you will be using, while others simply email photos of the ceremony and reception locations to the videographer. In any case, once you send the video link back to the international space station, the cosmonaut will be there to capture the video and provide you with hard-to-find information about the location, such as the time of the year the event takes place, if there are any special aspects of the area that you will miss while planning your wedding, etc. (so long as the cosmonaut is able to make it to your wedding.)