A Space Wedding – What to Expect

The Space Wedding is an exciting new wedding concept which was created by an award winning videographer. The Space Wedding is a futuristic wedding which takes place in outer space. It was first featured in the episode “Graybles 1000+. The wedding is platformed above a huge rose-red ship and with several alien spaceships surrounding it as protection.

The concept of a space wedding originated with an idea from a husband and wife who were having their marriage aboard a commercial airline. The couple saw the beautiful sunrise from their seats in flight and decided that they would like to be wed on a space ship on the day of their wedding. They created a contract with the airline which allows for a space wedding on any given date, as long as the bride and groom are over the age of 18. The only requirement for the space wedding is that no animals are permitted on the vessel. The concept of this wedding is farfetched, but it certainly did not come into any legal trouble. Although there have been a few humorous clips on YouTube showing people on board a wedding ship and being asked what they would like for breakfast, none of the actors or the actresses were asked if they would like to marry in space.

To create a space wedding, the concept of the wedding dress is used. There is no need for a long veil and the traditional long gown is not required either. The idea is to create a wedding dress within the stars, so that it can be worn throughout the ceremony and beyond. The wedding cake and other aspects of the ceremony can take place on board the ship. Of course, there are no rules stopping the guests from having fun on board!

There are many different aspects of the ceremony which will take place outside the ship. On the way to the reception, there will be a dance rehearsal under the stars with the wedding march played in perfect harmony. After the dance rehearsal, the wedding party can head to a viewing party where the newlyweds are welcomed by the crew and guests and a live video presentation of the wedding ceremony can be shown. If a planetarium is available on the ship, the wedding cake can be wheeled in and the couple can then be welcomed by a welcome signboard and the “Space Warhip” sign. Of course, this would require the wedding party to be on the space ship, so a dance performance or a band or orchestra could be sent as well.

A Russian cosmonaut has been contracted to perform a two-minute video link dance-off with six cosmonauts on board the International Space Station. This dance-off is meant to symbolize the marriage ceremony on the far side of the universe while the bride and groom are on earth. It also shows off some of the unique artistic talents of the Russian cosmonaut, which you will likely never see in a typical wedding video.

A huge benefit to any wedding planning is that a video link-up between a space wedding and a normal wedding can be arranged. That means that the cosmonaut performing the dance won’t have to worry about acclimating themselves to the extremely low temperatures and zero gravity that is part of a manned mission. They also won’t have to worry about learning any special moves that will help them out on their mission. The fact that they won’t have to perform the Russian wedding march will also help the cosmonaut to relax during the few minutes of actual video transmission.