Lord of the Rings Online – A Story Based on the Rings

The Rings movie franchise continues to captivate kids, parents, and the viewing public alike. Even with its huge success, there is always more to come from the Rings franchise. Now, a brand new movie is slated to do the same thing for the youngsters of 2016: the third movie in the Ring series is about to get underway, and it is ramping it up for merchandising purposes. A new trailer for Rings is dropping, and if you don’t believe this one, then prepare to have your mind changed forever.

The movie begins with a bang, so to speak, as Kriss Provance (Dillon Banks) knocks on Drogon’s (adanuary Fishburn) door, demanding to know why his master has suddenly disappeared. In response, Drogon threatens to report them to their masters, which puts an end to that conversation for the time being. With no other leads, the team sets out to look for answers to Kriss’ murder. Along the way, they run across strange symbols that suddenly appear on their journey, leading them to learn about the purity that lies within the rings. This leads them to uncover the ultimate secret behind the evil Lord of the Rings, whom they learn also possesses the ultimate treasure: a Ring of Power.

However, while trying to prove this to Kriss and force him to reveal his hidden truth, they find themselves trapped in a tower guarded by a giant automated machine which will drop them into a subring where they can’t get out. With no other means to break free, they are forced to rely on the only method left open to them: multiplying the subrings by using their numbers in algebraic equations. What they don’t realize is that there are three kinds of rings, each with its own unique properties, and that using these different rings for multiplication results in non-standard results… which are as follows: uneven numbers, infinite numbers, and a ‘ring’ (a set of prime numbers used to multiply the other two). Thus, when combined with algebraic equations, these strange new properties make them able to calculate a solution to the equation, proving Lord of the Rings to be the true story behind the rings.

The next episode, entitled The Nazgul, opens up with a recap of the previous events: Lord of the Rings having been stolen by an escaped Orkish slave, who is now in control of the Ring. To make matters worse, the Ring itself was found by a young man called Audit, who managed to combine the properties of all three rings, resulting in a mysterious power he calls ‘alicard’. However, when confronted with alicard, the only thing that seems to be able to save him is a powerful yet broken cross. This is where the show starts to take its twists and turns.

First, Audit, now known as ‘Alicard’, is captured by the elves of Shelob and taken to Mirabelle Isle, where her aunt, Telramund, wishes to remove the ring from her finger. She tricks the elk however, rendering them powerless and allowing herself to be trapped within the Ring. However, whilst she is doing this, she catches sight of an approaching army led by Elric. The elves then decide to poison her, using the poison to make themselves immune to poison, but this means that she will have no choice but to drop the ring into the river.

From this point onwards, the story becomes increasingly surreal. The elk become hostile to elves, the entire village drunkards turn into vicious beasts, and Audit even has to kill his own father, Talaen, for attempting to kill him! It is here that the story really picks up, with a series of events taking place across the Ring that is incredible to watch. From the reveal of the Fountain of youth and the gradual transformation of Audit’s mind, to the fight in the mines below the town of Gorgon and the ultimate fight with Elric and his retainers, it all builds to one incredible climax at the end when the fate of the world rests upon the hands of the three heroes.