A Russian Cosmonaut Wedding

By definition, a Raw Space wedding venue is any non-standard venue which is not an inn, hotel or banquet hall. It may be a town-house, museum, park, historic property or post office. Usually Raw Space rental rates are much lower than conventional venues and generally come complete with all the essential trappings. This type of wedding usually occurs outdoors in an open field or garden area and there is no use of an indoor venue.

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Perhaps the most famous celebrity who opted for a space wedding is the Russian cosmonaut Olegantov, who made his trip to the Russian Space Station in June 2011. Olegantov is not the first cosmonaut to choose a Raw Space wedding, with many Russian cosmonauts choosing such a unique venue to marry in. The reason why the cosmonaut chose a location such as the Russian Space Station is because he wanted to marry on another planet, on a planet that has no life. The reason why he chose to do so was that it was an alternative way of being married, and also an opportunity for him to experience a new culture.

An example of an International Space Station wedding is that of Alexander Pushilov, who became the first man to walk in the moon on July 14th, 1971. After his marriage with NASA flight engineer 8arya Yurchikhin, Pushilov lived and died aboard the international space station. His death is one of the most significant events in the history of space travel, as it marked the first time that two human beings came together in space. His marriage to Yurchikhin was made possible by cosmonaut Valery Yurchikhin, who was a member of the same crew.

An example of a Russian Cosmonaut who chose not to have a space wedding is Valentina Tereshkova. Although she had previously married fellow cosmonaut Gennadiyoly Belikov, she decided that a traditional wedding would be too impersonal for her. Instead, she opted for a traditional religious service aboard the Russian Soyuz during which her husband presented her with a gold medallion. Although she was the first lady of the Russian space program and was the holder of the world record for the largest number of space missions, she did not wed Cosmonaut Gennadiyoly until later, as he was not yet certified as a cosmonaut. Although Valentina did not accompany her husband to the wedding, Cosmonaut Olegbekichiev took the opportunity to publicly declare that Valentina was his wife.

Regardless, of what the motivation behind having a space wedding, couples who choose to wed aboard a Russian cosmonaut ship are fulfilling a part of the tradition and culture of their own land. They are fulfilling a long-standing tradition that celebrates marriage within a controlled environment. Marriage within such a setting can go either very smoothly and uneventfully or very badly. Thus, couples who choose to marry aboard a Russian ship should ensure that they select their marriage partner carefully, just as they would a traditional wedding.