Space Wedding – Say “I Do” With a View of the Third Rock From the Sun

As weddings are an important occasion for every couple to cherish and celebrate their love, they often go to great lengths to make their special day unique. While destination weddings are a popular choice and have become a huge industry, one company is taking it a step further with their out-of-this-world idea of getting hitched with a view of the third rock from the sun.

Orlando-based space travel company Space Perspective has launched a service that allows couples to say “I do” in space. The company’s Neptune spacecraft is capable of launching passengers into orbit with massive windows that offer the best possible view of our planet. Those interested in getting married in space can sign up for the waitlist on the company’s website.

According to the website, the company says the six-hour space flight will be both exhilarating and celebratory. Astronauts describe the impact of seeing Earth from space as a paradigm shift, and Space Perspective has designed the flight to give couples an unforgettable experience. The company says Neptune is propelled by sustainable hydrogen, meaning it does not need rockets and has no carbon footprint.

The spacecraft is also designed to provide a safe and comfortable experience. The company says anyone who is medically fit to fly on a commercial airline will be eligible to join the trip. The spaceship is equipped with a bathroom, bar and on-board Wi-Fi. Guests can customize the flight to their preferences, including selecting which food and drinks they want onboard.

There’s no word yet on how much the wedding will cost, but the company says the price reflects the “quintessential astronaut experience” and two hours spent looking down at our planet. The website says the first couples to reserve their flights will join a small group of adventurers who have already taken part in the journey.

A similar out-of-this world event took place 16 years ago when Ekaterina Dmitriev wed her new husband, Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko, via video link from the International Space Station. She walked down the aisle to David Bowie’s “Absolute Beginners,” while his friend and fellow spaceship crew member Ed Lu played Mendelssohn’s traditional wedding march on a keyboard aboard the station.

The couple didn’t plan their wedding in this groundbreaking way, though — they decided to tie the knot when Malenchenko’s time on the station was extended. They reportedly had 200 planned guests but ended up with just a handful of people after his trip was cut short. Regardless, the pair’s wedding is an inspiration for those who are dreaming of tying the knot in outer space.