Choosing Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are more than just jewellery, they represent a promise of eternal love. When you wear yours, it shows everyone around you that you are committed to this marriage and this commitment is something that will not change no matter what happens in your lives. It also sends the message to others that you are trustworthy and that you do not take your partner lightly, and this can help keep people from trying to exploit or manipulate you.

Traditionally, wedding bands were only worn by men and often they were plain gold or silver bands, and the couple would swap them when one got dirty or damaged, but these days there are many different styles to choose from. The most common are diamond-set rings which add some sparkle, or even coloured gemstones for a pop of colour. Many of these are engraved with the date of the wedding, which can be a beautiful touch. Other couples have opted to personalise their wedding rings by adding their initials, a special quote or song lyrics. This is a very personal touch and can be a wonderful way to keep the memory of the day alive.

It’s important to consider the type of lifestyle you lead, as your wedding ring will be worn all day every day for the rest of your life. If you work with your hands for example, it’s a good idea to go for a more durable metal like platinum rather than gold. Having said that, even in these days of wartime restrictions it is still possible to get beautiful rings made of gold at a reasonable price.

For the ladies, it is a lovely idea to opt for an unusual design, such as a textured band or one incorporating a floral motif, or a more intricate carving, which will add character and individuality to your ring. You could even opt for a bespoke design created using an ancient Japanese technique called mokume gane, which involves fusing together different metal colours to create a marbled or woodgrain effect. It’s worth remembering though that these types of rings can be less practical as they cannot usually be resized so please bear this in mind when choosing your style.

When you are choosing your perfect ring, try on as many options as you can, and don’t be afraid to look outside of the box if you see a style that strikes you. There are some wonderful designs available to suit every taste, and if you find the perfect ring for you it will be the one that you enjoy wearing tomorrow, and in the years to come.

Some couples prefer to make this decision separately, and it is entirely up to you how involved you want to be in the process of selecting your rings. However, some prospective brides and grooms find that comparing styles and trying on lots of different rings helps them to narrow down their choices more quickly. And of course, it’s a great bonding experience to share this part of the wedding planning with your partner.