Choosing Your Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is a symbolic reminder of your commitment to your partner. It carries deep spiritual and romantic meaning, letting the world know you’re spoken for and that you’ve made a permanent choice to spend your life together. It’s a reminder that, even when you’re not around each other, your love will endure.

In addition to its symbolic meaning, the ring’s circular shape represents infinite, never-ending love. Its center hole symbolizes the future. You can also choose to engrave your ring with a special message that means something to you and your fiancé. For example, you can engrave your names, the date of your wedding, or even a meaningful song lyric.

The rings you choose can tell a story about your relationship, capturing your personal style, passions, and shared interests. You may want to consider a two-tone metal ring to reflect the dual sides of your relationship. Or, you can opt for a more unique design, such as Damascus steel, which is created by heating and twisting multiple layers of different metals to create a beautiful, intricate pattern.

You should also think about the materials you’re choosing and where they came from. For example, many jewelers use recycled gold in their designs to help preserve natural resources. Others work to support responsible mining and sourcing. You can ask your jeweler questions to get a better sense of how they source their precious metals.

Some couples choose to buy their wedding bands separately, but you’ll want to keep your budget in mind when making your choices. Talking openly about your financial expectations before you begin shopping is a good way to prevent frustration down the line when you’re smitten with a ring that’s out of your price range. It will also let your jeweler pull options that are within your range and avoid wasting time and energy on the process.


A ring that doesn’t fit properly can be uncomfortable and even painful to wear. It can also affect how your hands move and how you use them. For this reason, it’s important to take factors like lifestyle, hand-size, and ring size into account when choosing the final design.

Your ring is an extension of your personality and a unique symbol of your love for your partner. While it might not make all the difference in the world, your ring will still send a powerful message that you’re committed to your spouse and that you’re ready to face any challenge together. The fact that you both choose to wear your rings will show the people around you that you’re a team and that marriage is a priority for you. And that’s something you can both be proud of.