Get Married in Space With a Space Wedding

space wedding

If Alia-Ranbir’s private ceremony was too lowkey or the Ambani wedding a little over the top for you, a space travel company is offering to take you out of this world for your nuptials. A startup called Space Perspective is offering to send couples into orbit on its awe-inspiring carbon-neutral balloon Neptune so they can exchange their vows looking down at Earth from the ultimate vantage point.

The ethereal experience will undoubtedly come at a price, with ticket prices starting at $125,000 per person. But if you’re ready to say “I do” amongst the stars, all you have to do is sign up on the website and prepare for the journey of a lifetime.

A space wedding would likely be a televised event so that family and friends back home can witness the special occasion. And with a number of amenities that can accommodate up to nine passengers including drinks and wi-fi, the space capsule Neptune promises to be an unforgettable venue.

While space travel is already a fairly regular occurrence, getting married in space has never been done before. In 2003, a Russian cosmonaut named Yuri Malenchenko married a US citizen in an online video conference, but their marriage was not broadcast publicly. Their union is significant as Malenchenko was an accomplished cosmonaut himself, having made multiple trips into space and receiving awards like Russia’s Hero of the Russian Federation award.

But his decision to marry an American while on a mission was not without consequences. In 2019, it was revealed that he was denied a promotion to the position of first deputy head of Roscosmos (Russia’s space agency) because his wife was an American citizen.

While this was undoubtedly a disappointing moment for the pair, they continued to maintain a strong relationship. In fact, their marriage ended up being the deciding factor in his decision to retire from the cosmonaut corps and become an administrator at the Cosmonaut Training Center (CPC) instead.

The couple’s wedding will take place at the end of a six-hour journey to the edge of space, and they can expect to join only 600 other people who have looked down on the planet they call home from above. It’s an experience that astronauts often describe as having a life-changing impact on their outlook and perspective.

For those who are interested in booking seats on Neptune, they can join the waitlist on Space Perspective’s website and begin planning their space-y celebrations. The first available slots are expected to be released later this year, but the ethereal experience will certainly require a deep wallet with seat prices beginning at $125,000 per person.

Space Perspective’s Neptune differs from other spacecraft as it stays secured to the capsule during the entire flight — a crucial feature for the safety and comfort of their passengers. As a bonus, it also happens to be the only spaceship that uses renewable hydrogen to reduce its environmental footprint. You can learn more about Neptune and its features here.