Wearing a Ring on Your Finger


Rings have been worn as adornments for centuries and are indicative of specific attributes: marriage, exceptional achievement, high status or authority, wealth and membership of an organization. They can also sport insignia to certify seals and serve as symbols of betrothal or marital fidelity.

For some people, rings represent a spiritual connection to a loved one or even their past lives. For others, rings are a mark of their independence and individuality. Whatever their significance, they can also be a powerful fashion statement and a way to showcase your personal style. From chunky designs to delicate gems, there’s a ring for everyone. Here, Vogue editors have curated a wide selection from our favorite jewelry brands, including Mejuri, Sophie Buhai, Lie Studio, Agmes, and Charlotte Chesnais to inspire you to start or expand your collection of rings.

In mathematics, a ring is a type of domain that is both associative and commutative under multiplication. The most familiar examples are integer rings and polynomial rings, which occur in number theory; however, there are a multitude of more general types of rings such as Dedekind domains (in algebraic geometry), rings of invariants (invariant theory) and fields (invariant theory).

If a ring has no multiplicative inverse, it is called a ring of fields. A ring of fields is also a skew field. Rings are important objects in number theory, algebraic geometry and other areas of mathematics.

The little finger, which is ruled by Mercury (communication, information, social connections), holds the key to our emotional intelligence and our ability to connect with other people. When a person wears a ring on this finger, it is said that the ring expands the energy of the hand and carries with it the potential for new creative ideas, as well as for understanding other people’s needs.

The ring on this finger is also an antenna that can attract or repel energies and influences, as well as bring opportunities for success in any endeavour. The ring on this finger also enables a person to find a balance between masculine and feminine energies.

The ring on the middle finger is known as the ‘healer’s ring’ and can bring healing powers to those who wear it. This finger is associated with intuition, a feeling of being connected to all life and the ability to recognize and express our unique gifts. The ring on this finger is also a tool for overcoming difficulties and challenges. The ring on this finger, when combined with the right stone, brings the power to heal others through our own vital energy.