A Space Wedding is a Dream Come True

space wedding

For couples who are out of this world (or just really in love), a space wedding might be the ultimate celebration. But be forewarned that this dream-like experience comes with a price. One company that offers such a flight, Space Perspective, has a wait list that’s “light-years long.” And even though they say their prices start at $125,000 per seat, they are the only company offering this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The most famous space wedding took place in 2003, when cosmonaut Ekaterina Dmitrieva and Yuri Malenchenko tied the knot via satellite video link from their respective space stations. The wedding was a bit of a scandal because it violated the contract that most cosmonauts sign before their missions, which forbid them from marrying while in orbit. Malenchenko was not only fined, but his career took a hit as well. But he was allowed to return to the International Space Station on two subsequent missions because he had gotten special permission from NASA.

In 2026, the first space hotel will open, allowing guests to stay in an orbiting starship designed like a cruise ship. Guests can expect restaurants, bars, entertainment options, and luxury suites—and probably some pretty amazing views of Earth.

Of course, staying in the hotel will require a ticket to space, which could run in the millions of dollars. Unless you have access to some wacky Russian funding or are an actual astronaut, the best option for a space wedding is to opt for an open-air destination, such as one of these stunning Mars-on-Earth locales.

These alien landscapes have the perfect balance of barren and beautiful, and the red rocky terrain will make for a gorgeous backdrop to exchange your vows. Just be sure to pack a lot of sunscreen!

You can also opt for an offbeat ceremony site—perhaps a historic military base, a volcano, or an underground cave? Just be sure to research any local rules and regulations, as some venues may not allow decorations or have strict photography guidelines.

Choosing the right venue will also depend on the season and weather, so do your research. You’ll want to avoid places where temperatures can drop drastically or where it’s windy and rainy often. And don’t forget to consider accessibility! Some guests may have trouble climbing stairs or maneuvering in tight spaces, so plan accordingly.

The Right Look

Of course, no space wedding would be complete without a stellar outfit. While most brides are opting for a more traditional wedding dress, others are going full-on sci-fi. One bride opted for a strappy ultra-mini dress with golden lame, while another went for vintage go-go boots and a 1970s jumpsuit. Norma Kamali, the designer behind the slinky gold lame dress, calls the style “space disco cowboy.”

Regardless of your vision, it’s important to think about the details. For example, make sure seated guests have a clear line of sight during the ceremony. If they have to peer around corners or roof supports, it can make the ceremony feel claustrophobic and cramped.