Space Weddings – A New Way to Say I Do

space wedding

The world’s most romantic destination – outer space – is now available as the venue for your wedding ceremony and reception. A company called Space Perspective is offering couples the chance to get married in a space capsule that goes up to the edge of the atmosphere, but it’s going to cost you. The wait list is open now and the price tag starts at $125,000.

The first space wedding happened 16 years ago when Russian cosmonaut Ekaterina Dmitriev tied the knot while her husband was orbiting the International Space Station (ISS). She wore a traditional white bridal gown and walked down the aisle by video link to a rendition of David Bowie’s “Absolute Beginners” as the station reemerged into sunlight, 402 km above New Zealand. Her husband, Yuri Malenchenko, who was wearing his formal flight uniform, looked on with a smile from the video monitor and blew kisses to his bride. The couple had been long-distance throughout their relationship because she lived in the US while he trained for space flights in Russia.

A couple that wants to go even further than this can have a ceremony in a balloon, which can be launched from land or sea and takes six hours to reach the ISS. Alternatively, they can also do it on the upcoming space hotel Voyager Station, which will be launched in 2027 and will include restaurants, entertainment options, and luxury suites for guests to stay in.

Business Insider reports that the company Space Perspective is collaborating with offers a wedding package that includes everything you need for a small space-themed affair, including food and drinks, a space backdrop for photographs, and a livestreaming video to send to friends and family back home. Apparently, the original SpaceBalloon, which can hold up to nine people including the pilot, has been modified to accommodate this particular service and can be customized based on your preferences.

You can also rent a raw space for your special day and design it to match your vision. If you’re thinking of a industrial warehouse wedding or a rustic barn bash this option could be for you, but be sure to take your budget into account because these types of venues tend to have much lower rental fees and come pretty bare bones. Everything from table linens, flatware, and china has to be brought in so you may end up spending a lot more than if you booked a hotel or banquet hall.

If delegating tasks isn’t your strong suit, a raw space can become overwhelming. The number of moving parts can be difficult to manage and it’s important to have a strong support system to keep you afloat. If that’s not possible, consider booking a more traditional hotel or barn wedding venue. This will save you time and money and still give you that unique space wedding that everyone will remember. Just don’t forget to bring your passport!