Planning a Space Wedding

space wedding

The dream of getting married in outer space is no longer just the stuff of sci-fi movies. A company called Space Perspective has launched a program that will allow couples to get hitched while looking down at our third rock from the sun. The Neptune spaceship, which can accommodate eight guests and a pilot, will fly you high enough to see the Earth’s curvature and total blackness, with a view aided by giant windows that have been described as the “quintesential astronaut experience.”

But before you start planning your cosmic wedding it’s important to sit down with both your fiancé and your budget and establish what your priorities are for your big day. Once you’ve agreed on those priorities and the venue you can then decide if a raw space is right for you. Raw spaces are typically non-traditional venues such as museums, arts center/theatre, town-buildings, parks and historical properties. They offer lower rental fees than traditional venues but come bare bones. Everything from tables, chairs, flatware, china and decor has to be brought in. If you’re a DIYer and can manage the extra costs a raw space may be the best option for you but it’s essential to have a solid plan in place to keep your spending in check.

A couple of years ago a Russian cosmonaut, Yuri Malenchenko, got married to his U.S.-born wife, Ekaterina Dmitrieva, while he was in space on a mission. The bride walked down the aisle via video conference, dressed in her classic white dress. She blew him a kiss and he blew her one back. It was a pretty romantic gesture but one that had some serious consequences.

Malenchenko, a former member of Russia’s Armed Forces and the cosmonaut corps, had to forfeit a promotion that would have allowed him to have access to classified information in order to keep his marriage with Dmitrieva on track. He also had to resign his position as head of the Cosmonaut Training Center.

In the past a lot of space-themed weddings have been held on Earth. But now a couple has gotten married in space itself, according to CNN. The event was a small gathering of family and close friends. The couple was able to bring the whole wedding party along because they were traveling from Russia.

Space-themed weddings have become more popular since the 2003 ceremony between a U.S-born woman and a Russian cosmonaut who got married while in space on a mission to New Zealand. It’s not clear if the Neptune spaceship will be used to perform more nuptials, but it’s certainly an out-of-this-world way to tie the knot. It’s worth noting, though, that the company that’s offering this space-based nuptials hasn’t yet started taking reservations. It will probably take a few more years before the space wedding industry becomes more mainstream. In the meantime, if you’re looking to get some celestial Instagram photos this is one option that will surely impress your followers.