Planning a Space Wedding

space wedding

When it comes to planning a wedding, most couples dream about having it in an environment that is unique and special. But one couple is going a bit further than any normal bride and groom could have imagined, as they plan to have their wedding in space.

While getting married in outer space may seem like a pipe dream, a company called Space Perspective is making it a possibility for anyone willing to pay the $125,000 price tag for a seat on its Neptune spacecraft. The company states that the flight takes guests to the edge of space and provides them with two hours to take in the curvature of Earth, total blackness of space, and the thin blue line of our atmosphere. Guests can even enjoy the views with a cocktail and snacks, while a professional photographer captures the moment from the capsule’s onboard camera.

The company also notes that it will offer a number of other amenities, including wi-fi so the couple and their guests can FaceTime or livestream the big day from above. Only nine people can fit inside the original design of the spacecraft, but the website says that they can accommodate up to 15 guests if needed.

Regardless of where you want to have your wedding, a venue that fits your personality and vision will help make the whole event come together. And with many options for Miami event space wedding venues available, it’s important to find a place that can deliver on the look and feel you are looking for. That way, you can focus on the decor and other details that will add to the overall experience of your once-in-a-lifetime day.

When you choose an event space to host your big day, consider how much decor is necessary and what type it will be. For example, an upscale ballroom may require more elegant decorations than a repurposed warehouse. Also, make sure you’re comfortable with the amount of time required to set up and break down the site.

Another detail to consider is who will serve as the officiant. Most NYC event spaces will provide an officiant, but if not, they can connect you with a professional they work with often. And if you’re choosing to have a backyard wedding, you may need to work with a tent provider to make sure the venue can accommodate the number of guests you are expecting. It’s also worth mentioning that most wedding event spaces will have basic decor items like tables and chairs on site, so you won’t need to worry as much about bringing in rentals.