Space Wedding – A Dream Come True?

While destination weddings are on the rise, there is one event that could take this trend to a whole new level: a space wedding. While this may sound like a crazy idea, it is actually very real and there is a company that is offering lovebirds the chance to tie the knot on the edge of space. The company, called Space Perspective, has already started taking reservations for couples who want to get married in 2024. But this out-of-this-world experience doesn’t come cheap as seats start at $125,000 (Rs 1.03 crore).

The company’s spacecraft Neptune takes passengers into orbit 100,000 feet above the Earth for a six-hour flight that is powered by renewable hydrogen and avoids the use of rockets, which reduces carbon emissions. During the trip, a couple can toast to their nuptials on the edge of the planet and enjoy spectacular views from the spacious capsule that is equipped with a bar and reclining chairs. The company’s website also says that the capsule can be customised for special requests such as for a wedding.

In 2004, a Russian cosmonaut named Yuri Malenchenko married his American bride Ekaterina Gordeeva in space. He was on a mission at the time and walked his wife down the aisle via video conference. The ceremony took place 402 km above the earth, orbiting south of New Zealand. The couple’s relationship had been long distance for a while as she lived in the United States and he trained for space flights in Russia, so it was not uncommon for them to speak over the phone.

As part of their big day, the couple got a photo opportunity with the sun and earth in the background and a picture with their names written on a floating plaque in space. They were able to return home to their daughter, Camilla, two months later.

Despite the challenges that might come with getting married in space, Space Perspective is optimistic about its chances of helping couples achieve their dream weddings. The company hopes to make this unique experience affordable and accessible by expanding its operations in the future. It plans to launch a fleet of private spaceships that are designed to be similar to cruise ships with restaurants, bars, and entertainment options. It also plans to operate the world’s first cosmic cruise ship, which is scheduled to open in 2027.

As for the photography aspect, one important thing to keep in mind is that the lack of gravity will affect your lens choices. To avoid lens distortion, you should try to stick with a 50mm or a 24-70mm focal length. Also, you should play with negative space to add a sense of scale to your photos. This will help your viewer to focus on your subject and will create a more compelling composition. To further emphasize the vastness of space, you can also consider using black and white tones in your photographs. This will give your photos a dramatic and moody feel.