A Space Wedding is a Dream Come True

space wedding

A space wedding is one that takes place in outer space. It may sound like a fantasy, but it is actually a possibility for those who are ready to take on such an incredible event. It can be a wonderful way to celebrate your big day and to have a unique experience that you and your guests will never forget.

One of the most famous examples of a space wedding is that of Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko and his American bride, Ekaterina Gordeeva. In 2003, the couple got married while Malenchenko was on a mission in space. Despite the fact that his bosses tried to convince him to delay the wedding until he was back on earth, they were unsuccessful. He decided to get married anyway, and the event was held at the NASA Mission Control Center in Houston. The bride wore a traditional wedding gown, and she entered the room to David Bowie’s song “Absolute Beginners.” She was beaming from ear to ear as she walked down the aisle and greeted her husband in the video conference.

During the wedding, she blew him kisses and he blew hers right back. The entire ceremony lasted only 20 or so minutes, but it was a wonderful way to share their special day with the world. The couple had two children together, and Yuri Malenchenko has gone on to become the second-longest-serving astronaut in history.

While a true space wedding is still a long shot for most people, a company called Space Perspective is making it possible for couples to have a once-in-a-lifetime space experience at a much more manageable price tag. The company’s website explains that the Spaceship Neptune can carry up to 1,000 people and will allow them to spend two hours on the edge of space. It will offer passengers a view of the planet that is unimaginable to most.

In addition to being able to witness the breathtaking views of the Earth, couples will be able to customize their flight by choosing cocktails and music to make it a truly personal experience. The waitlist for a space wedding is currently at least a year out, but those who are interested can learn more about it on the company’s website.

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