Planning a Space Wedding

When most people think of their dream wedding, they might imagine a picturesque ceremony in front of the ocean or an intimate evening under the stars. But what if you got married in space? That may seem like a distant fantasy, but it’s actually not that far-fetched. A company called Space Perspective is offering couples the opportunity to exchange their vows in space, and it seems like the demand for this otherworldly experience is quite high.

The company’s Neptune spacecraft takes passengers to the edge of space, where they can witness the curve of our planet, the total blackness of space, and the thin blue line that separates our atmosphere from the rest of the universe. According to Co-Founder Jane Poynter, the list of couples eager to say their “I dos” among the stars is already light years long.

So how does one go about planning a space wedding? Fortunately, it’s not as complicated as you might think. For starters, you’ll need to find a Peerspace host who is willing to offer their space for your special day. Then, you’ll need to survey your guest list and decide on how many seats to reserve for non-married guests and family members. After that, you’ll need to work with your host to determine what other amenities the space has to offer. Whether that’s a kitchen, furniture, or A/V equipment, your host will be able to help you source any additional items you may need.

Once you’ve finalized the details, you can then schedule your ceremony and reception. Of course, you’ll want to make sure your date is available, as well as the dates of any other major events that your guests might be attending. Once you’ve surveyed your guests, you’ll also need to determine how far they will be traveling and factor that into your budget.

During his time in space, Yuri Malenchenko was an accomplished astronaut who went on multiple missions and made multiple spacewalks. In fact, he is the second most experienced cosmonaut ever, and he holds the distinction of being a Hero of Russia. But perhaps his most memorable achievement came not on a professional level, but on a personal one.

If you’re interested in saying your “I dos” in space, you can join the waitlist on Space Perspective’s website for late 2024. Just be prepared to dig deep into your wedding fund; seats aboard the Neptune spacecraft start at $125,000. Luckily, you won’t be blasting off in a rocket—the spaceflight travels at the gentle speed of 12 mph and uses a carbon-neutral balloon with massive porthole windows that are sure to provide some spectacular views for your special day. Happy planning!