Get Married in Space

space wedding

We’ve come a long way since the days when the first man walked on the moon. Today, the idea of getting married in space is no longer an out-of-this-world fantasy. In fact, if you’re willing to spend more than Rs 1 crore per person, you can get hitched in a private capsule that is floating hundreds of miles above the Earth.

A company called Flight Advantage is offering to conduct weddings in outer space for couples who want to make their big day extra special. According to the company, the experience will be similar to that of a normal wedding on land. However, the difference is that couples will be able to enjoy a view of the earth from high above and even take photos to immortalize the occasion.

Interested parties need to go through a four-day training and once they’ve completed it, they will be given 60 minutes to carry out the ceremony in space. They will also have to undergo a series of medical tests and vaccinations.

However, the most important thing is that they will have to sign a waiver stating that they know and understand the risks involved in such an adventure. In order to make sure that the spacecraft is safe, a team of astronauts will also be on hand to supervise the event.

The company has already conducted a test wedding for two employees and says that it’s hoping to conduct more ceremonies in the future. The couple will be provided with a wedding dress and suit, and the groom’s outfit will include a specially designed bow tie. The spacecraft will be accompanied by a camera and sound system to record the event.

There’s no word yet on how many people will be able to afford such an out-of-this-world experience, but Space Perspective has already confirmed that it has customers eager to say their vows at over 100,000 feet up in the air. The company’s co-founder Jane Poynter told TheCoolDown that the waiting list to get married in space is “light-years long.”

Spaceship Neptune will not fly you right out into space, but it will float high enough for you to see the curve of the planet and the blackness of space. The capsule has large windows to help you take in the otherworldly views. The company expects to begin its journeys in 2024.

The first ever space wedding took place in 2003 when a Russian cosmonaut got married to a U.S. citizen in a video conference from the International Space Station (ISS). While Ekaterina Dmitrieva’s decision to marry Yuri Malenchenko while in orbit did not have any official repercussions, it did leave its mark. The incident led to a change in the contracts that cosmonauts must sign before heading off to space missions. They now contain a clause that states that they must not have a wedding or other major events in orbit. It’s unclear if the same rule applies to tourists.