What Is a Ring?


A ring is an ornamental piece of jewellery typically worn on the finger. It may be adorned with stone, gems or other hard materials. It can also be made of any metal. Other body parts that may be ornamented with rings include the ears, arm or neck. A ring is distinguished from similar jewellery like bracelets in that it fits snugly around the finger. The term “ring” is a generalization, however, and other types of bands that fit tightly on the hands and other parts of the body are also often called rings.

There are a multitude of designs, styles and types of rings in existence. Some of them carry meaning or symbolism, while others are simply used for style and fashion. Regardless of their specific function, many rings are crafted with beauty and grace. In addition, the specific fingers on which a ring is worn portray different meanings. It is important for the wearer to know how to interpret these symbols and use them to their advantage.

Engagement rings are among the most common of all rings. These rings symbolize a couple’s commitment to each other and usually feature a central diamond set in a halo of smaller stones. These diamonds can be of different colours, shapes and sizes, although a consistent level of symmetry is important. Other gemstones may be used as well, such as sapphires or emeralds.

Other rings are designed to celebrate milestones or achievement. The gold ring worn by a graduate of a university, for example, is often a sign of great achievement. A ring that carries the name of a loved one or child is a beautiful way to celebrate a special relationship, while rings that are worn as a sign of wealth have also been popular throughout history.

Some of these rings are also crafted to be more contemporary in their design than others. This can be due to their cut or the choice of materials. For example, a princess cut gemstone is a more contemporary option than a round cut. A ring that is set in an illusion or tension setting is also more contemporary than a ring mounted in a classic prong style. Rings fashioned from newer metals, such as palladium or titanium, would also be considered more contemporary than those of traditional yellow and white gold.

If you are a groom-to-be who is looking for the perfect ring to make his future bride’s eyes light up, it is essential to take a look at her style choices and personal preferences. Chances are that she has dropped a few not-so-subtle hints about what she’s interested in. Taking these cues can help you select the right ring for her, and even save you some time in shopping!